Common Roof Problems and DIY Solutions

Common Roof Problems and DIY Solutions

Common Roof Problems with homes can be easier to fix than you think. Many Common Roof Problems have a simple source, so before you call out the professionals, check that it isn’t simply one of the following ‘easy fix’ issues. . .

Common Roof Problems

Accumulation of leaves

As strong winds sweep the branches of the trees, leaves fall, pile up and can accumulate in your gutters – eventually becoming a major problem when the leaves block the flow of water that is trying to safely and efficiently move through your guttering system when it rains. The worst season for falling leaves is just before winter. After winter, water will pour without a passage to move on to through your gutter quite freely (if you have cleaned them out well).  Leaves blocking your gutters isn’t just detrimental to the safe runoff of rainwater from your roof, gutters too full of leaf debris can also cause your guttering system to buckle or your roof to cave in. Blocked Gutters is one on those Common Roof Problems that is very easy to prevent yet it happens more frequently than it should.


Insects and rodents love nothing more than to find shelter in the debris build up in your guttering system. These sneaky and often disease riddled pests build their colonies in the warmth of your roof and before you know it, you are under invasion.  Still water pooled among the debris in your gutters is the perfect breeding ground for Mosquitos which can carry potentially deadly diseases like Malaria. Birds will also see your roof as a nesting ground so saving your roof from this particular Common Roof Problems is a must!


Mother Nature itself is a tough challenge for your roof and can be the leading cause of a few of your Common Roof Problems. Scorching heat and frequent rains may put your roof’s durability to the test. From one extreme condition to the other, the materials of your roof may wear off and cause leaks, which can lead to further damage if not addressed quickly.

Thankfully, amidst all these Common Roof Problems there is a solution! Install Gutter Guards. Gutter protection will guard your house from the threat of Common Roof Problems and save you the hassle of constantly climbing onto your roof to repair things.

Gutter Guards are designed with a filtration system that will clear away leaves, branches, nests, and other debris in your gutters. Also, the filter becomes a barrier to deter insects and pests so you will have no fear of disease to you and your family.

So why not invest in a Gutter Guard System today and put yourself among the growing amount of people who have said goodbye to spending their weekends fixing Common Roof Problems.

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