Gutter Guard FAQs

Gutter Guard FAQs


Gutter Guards FAQs– One of the things The Leaf Man does best is keep you up to date with the latest Gutter Guards FAQs to ensure you know the latest and greatest ways to care for your roof.

Gutter Guards are an important part of your roofing system. Without them you risk damage to your home from its roof to its foundations. Still many people opt to not install a Gutter Guard System on their home because they view it as an unnecessary expense.  See the following Gutter Guard FAQs to see why this simply isn’t the case.

Gutter Guard FAQs

Gutter Guard FAQs – Why Should I Install Gutter Gutter Guards?

Gutter Guards ensure that rain water flows off the roof, along the gutter and down the down pipe and safely away from your property. If the gutters are dirty or blocked, rainwater leaks into the eaves of your home, overflows onto the ground below and can even sink as far as your home’s foundations- causing massive structural damage. This is why Gutter Guards are a necessary investment for your home.

Gutter Guard FAQs- Do I Still Need To Clean My Gutters If I Have Gutter Guards Installed?

Yes, you will still need to clean your Gutter Guards but much less often. Also, the chore might not be as difficult as leaves sitting on top of the gutter, rather than in it, can simply be swept of blown off of the roof with a brush or blower-vac.

Gutter Guard FAQs- Am I Keeping My Family Safe?

Gutter Guards keep your family safe for many reasons. Firstly, Gutter Guards Protect your gutters from encouraging disease-ridden rodents and insects from nesting and spawning on your roof. Gutter Guards also make the dangerous job of cleaning your gutters that little bit easier to handle, consequently making it a safer task for you.

There are many more Gutter Guard FAQs we can share with you as more and more people come to the realisation that Gutter Guards are an essential extension of your roof Gutter Guard System.

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