gutter guards vs gutter cleaning

gutter guards vs gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters cause rain water to flood, spilling over and splashing all over your paths, windows, walls and doors. When this is the outcome of forgetting to clean your gutters it’s easy to choose which your prefer.  Gutter guards vs gutter cleaning.

Gutter guards vs gutter cleaning

Truth be told, when your roof has gutter guards installed, you still need to clean your gutters.

Leaf debris builds up on gutter guards as well, the great thing about gutter guards is your won’t end up with leaves wedged into your downpipes and in your tiles. Leaves sitting on the top of your gutter guards will usually blow away or be easily removed, so gutter maintenance when you have gutter guards installed is much easier.

Gutters need to be cleaned at least three times in a year. However, roofs can be a dangerous place, particularly on older roofs where overhanging ledges and rooftops become slippery due to moss and cracked tiles and wood. It requires workmen and equipment to safely clean all the gutters and spouts on all the floors.

Statistics show that most rooftop injuries happen while gutters are being cleaned. These injuries can vary from being minor to fatal. However, as gutter guards become more popular, these injuries are happening less and less as gutters are easy to clean and need to be cleaned less frequently!

Gutter guards vs gutter cleaning. A gutter guard is always the better option! Just remember that gutters guards are an accessory, not an ‘instead of’. Your gutters will still require regular cleaning and maintenance, just less of it!

Gutters that have gutter guards installed a are usually fairly easy to clean. If you are wondering how to best clean your particular kind of gutter guard, please contact us.

However, when choosing your gutter guards, don’t just consider how easy they are to clean but also the slope of your roof, types of trees nearby and average rainfall.


Written by Heidi Cridland