Gutter Protection And The Environment

Gutter Protection And The Environment

Gutter Protection and the Environment

Did You Know, our water ways are being poisoned by the reduced levels of oxygen in the water? This is partly caused by a toxins produced by decomposing leaves trapped in gutters. These toxins have been known to kill vegetation and fish and increase PH levels in our river systems, contributing to blue-green algae problems.

For this reason, Gutter Protection and the environment is a relevant topic to be discussing! 

Gutter Protection And The Environment

By installing Gutter Protection on your home you will effectively be helping the environment to combat these issues with water runoff.  A Gutter protection system will dramatically reduce the environmental damage by keeping your gutters free from leaves and debris. This means that leaf an debris will not be able to rot in your gutters and poison the water run-off from your roof, significantly reducing these issues.

A Gutter Guard system also product has a service life of approx. 25 years, therefore reducing the impact to land fill of products with minimal life span (or simply do not work) and are thrown away so you are helping the environment in two ways!

The other important way Gutter Protection And The Environment go hand-in-hand is by providing clean water runoff from your roof to be collected by a tank if you should choose to purchase one. By using tank water on your garden or even in your home, you significantly reduce the amount of water needed by the town supply and also become more aware of the water you use.

With a rainwater tank you can collect clean rain water for use therefore reducing the impact on our precious water supplies / dams this is a great way to conserve our country’s diminishing water reserves. Gutter Protection And The Environment .

Besides all the ‘pros’ to Gutter Protection and The Environment, there are also many other benefits to installing Gutter Protection on your roof. To find out more about why we are advocates for gutter protection, read some more of our blogs or contact us. 

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