Gutter Protection Guide

Gutter Protection Guide


Our Gutter Protection Guide will save you the money and hassle of calling out the professionals to clean out your gutters each season.

It is important to clean your gutters and downspouts of debris to prevent roof leaking or breakages, however, it is an easy job to complete yourself. Simply follow out Gutter Protection Guide.

Gutter Protection Guide

It is important for homeowners to clear their gutters and downspouts before the cold weather arrives as this is the worst time to be up on your roof frantically trying to clean them before icy weather hits and the leaves of most trees drop.

Make sure you follow this Gutter Protection Guide and clean out your gutters during Autumn. If you choose not to do anything and let leaves and debris in your gutters accumulate, you run the risk of significant and expensive damage to your home.

Our Top Tips

We recommend:

  • Cleaning your gutters out seasonally but in particular, before winter.
  • Fixing any broken tiles or loose guttering to ensure your roof is in top condition and isn’t alluring disease ridden pests like mice, birds and mosquitos.
  • Hiring a professional to clean your gutters out seasonally if you are afraid of heights or aren’t fit enough to be on your roof.

A long term solution to cleaning your gutters is to consider a Gutter Guard System that provides year round protection for your gutters from leaf buildup. Having a Gutter Guards installed will increase the longevity of your gutters for years to come and will save you a lot of time on climbing up on to your roof to clean your gutters out seasonally.

Installing a high quality Gutter Guard System is the best Gutter Protection Guide point we can make! For more information on our fantastic range of high quality Gutter Guard Systems or to get a quote for your home contact us today.