Gutter Protection Truths

Gutter Protection Truths

Gutter Protection Truths: Gutter protection is a relatively new technology and there are many scams on the market.

We explain Gutter Protection Truths, what  a good guttering system is and what you should look for when you are going to purchase new gutter guards.

Gutter Protection Truths: What to Look For

While some Gutter Guard systems work on some houses and not on others, there are some that simply don’t work. The first Gutter Protection Truth to note is that if it sounds too good of a deal to be true, it probably is.

 A good quality gutter protection should cost around of about $5.00 to $12.00 per lineal ft.

Look for a Gutter Guard System with small holes. Anything too large is going to just let debris in (completely defeating it’s purpose and the Gutter Protection Truths there is that you’ll spend all your time cleaning under your Gutter Guard System (what a waste of time and money).

Foam Filters are a great addition to gutter guards, but should not be used in place of a Gutter Guard System. One of the ugly Gutter Protection Truths of foam filters, is that while they are effective at making sure debris doesnt blick drain pipes, they need to be regularly cleaned and simply won’t work if they’re not highly maintained.

The last one of our Gutter Protection Truths to note is that Gutter Guard System’s MUST be rust-free. All good Gutter Guard System’s will have a warranty and if you notice any rust you will need to contact our manufacturer immediately.

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Written By Heidi Cridland