Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

By keeping on top of home maintenance throughout the year, you will prevent expensive emergency repairs needing to be completed at inconvenient times.

Maintaining your home is a lot simpler than repairing it, and a lot more affordable. Here are six of our top Home Maintenance Tips to help you keep on top of everything that needs to be done around your home.

Home Maintenance Checklist

We recommend keeping a task checklist in a convenient location such as on your fridge or a corkboard to remind you of home maintenance tasks that need to be completed. It’s also a good idea to do a walk around your house once every six weeks and add to the list anything that needs to be maintained.

Some home maintenance tasks need to be done annually or bi-annually. Put these on your list (or even calendar) with the date so you can follow them up at the right time.

Six Home Maintenance Tasks

Here are six Home Maintenance tasks we recommend not to forgetting to complete each year:

On a Quarterly Basis

Test your smoke detectors. Doing so is the most important thing you can do for your family. Should a fire occur while you are at home, a smoke detector is your best chance at helping to ensure their safety.

Twice a Year

Clean your gutters and downspouts on your roof. To prevent damage, the downspout needs to be free of debris so it can release safely, avoiding damage to your gutters foundation.


Take a day each year to check your bathroom and kitchen for cracks, especially around tubs and showers. Cracks can let in water with no place for drainage, which will cause damage.

Every autumn complete an annual roof inspection to help prevent the need for major repairs or roof replacement. Things like replacing cracked tiles and gutters are important to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime.

Before the peak of Summer hits, hire a professional to come and service your air conditioning system. Doing so will increase its efficiency and prevent a breakdown. The cost of replacing and installing an air conditioning unit can cost more than thirteen times the amount of servicing one so it’s worthwhile to get someone out to look at it each year.

Annually check for cracks in the grout of tile floors, which can allow water to seep into the floor and cause mold growth and rot. Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Inspecting your home’s infrastructure and performing proper maintenance can protect your home from costly damage and deterioration.

These, among other home maintenance jobs, are important to do to ensure to can live in your home affordably and safely year-in-year-out, for more information on home maintenance or to contact us about our great rage of gutter guards that will help to significantly cut the time you spend maintaining your roof, contact us today.