Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards

Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards


Home Mainteance: Gutter Guards make looking after your home maintenance so much easier.

Saving time and money on gutter cleaning, while protecting and extending the life of your gutters there really is no reason why you shouldn’t have Gutter Guards Installed.

Without gutter guards installed, leaves collect in your gutters blocking the proper flow of water and defeating the purpose of the gutters. 

Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards

Wet leaves and standing water add a tremendous amount of weight to the gutters which can stress your gutter’s hangers to breaking point.  If water trapped in the gutters freezes it can expand and damage the Gutters resulting in them leaking. These leaks result in decaying fascia boards and soffit.

Properly installing Gutter Guards can be an effective solution to these roof problems. If you are worried about Home Maintenace: Gutter Guards are your best solution!

Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards

A common misconception is that the rain washes leaves into your Gutters, causing them to block. While this is true, the majority of leaves that block your Gutters find their way into the gutters when it isn’t raining. As leaves fall on the roof, wind and gravity push them to the edge of the roof and cause them to slip into the unprotected gutter, then, by the time it rains the gutters are already mostly full of leaves.  When rain water rushes into the gutter it soaks the leaves compacting them and pushing them into the downspouts and clogging the downspout and gutter!

To maintain the proper flow of water, unprotected gutters need to be cleaned out three or four times a year!

Gutter guards allow the wind to blow leaves off the gutter on dry days and when it rains, the majority of debris is washed off the gutters. The small amount of debris that winds up in the gutter is easily flushed out as the gutter drains.

Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards – How Do They Work!?

Most gutter guards slip under the shingles and fit over the top of the gutters.  They are easily and inexpensively installed by a Gutter Guard professional.

Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards – Types of Gutter Guards

There are a range of different types of Gutter Guards suited for different roofs.

Slotted, Punched, Hole and Screen Systems

These systems all employ a similar strategy of a mesh style Gutter Guard filter. Leaves and twigs that wash off the roof will get caught and sit on top of the mesh so that allowing the water to flow through (but debris will need to be manually cleaned off later).

Foam-fill Gutter Guards

These Gutter Guards fill the gutter with foam leaving no room for leaves. Water is able to flow through the foam but leaves are left sitting on top to be blown away by the wind.

Bottle-brush Gutter Guards

These Gutter Guards look like an over-sized bottle brush laying in the gutter.  This type of Gutter Guard  traps leaves, twigs, dirt and the small stones that wash off the roof for you to clean out later.

Micro mesh covers

This Type of Gutter Guard is highly rated as being one of the most efficient Gutter Guards on the market.  With a solid construction and a thoughtful design, this style promises success and is incredibly low maintenance!

Regardless of the Gutter Guard System you choose to install in your home we can ensure your home maintenance will lower! Home Maintenance: Gutter Guards – they really do go hand-in-hand.

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