home maintenance

Home Maintenance

Your roof can hold enough equipment to act as another room in your house. So when it comes to home maintenance, it’s no wonder that your roof takes a little bit of time to clean up.

Many people use their roof to facilitate both energy (solar panels), sunlights and water (tanks) for their home. This is a great idea!

Solar panels

Solar panels are increasingly popular in Australia as they are responsible for cutting people’s electricity bills significantly. By hooking the solar panels up to your hot water system, ou can cut your families electricity bills by 30% each year.

Solar electricity is fairly reliable in Australia as we have such a vast exposure to sunlight.

As well as being a great money saver for your family, solar panels will reduce your environmental footprint, making them a ‘feel good’ choice for your roof.

Water tanks

having a water tank connected to the downpipes of your roof is a great way to cut your water bills! why not save what your own roof is collecting? If you don’t want to rely on a tank for all your household water needs, a small water tank is a great way to look after all your outside water needs.


Do you have rooms in your house that never see the light of day? Installing sun-lights is a great, energy efficient way to open up your home and receive more natural light. it’s of no cost to you and no cost to the environment.

Home maintenance

By using your roof for additional purposes is will require more attention when you are taking care of home maintenance chores. Though it may seem like a big job, taking care of your roof will keep in in good order for an extra 25-years, or more.

Make sure it is regularly cleaned of leaf debris and that there are no broken or lifted tiles. if your have an iron roof, make sure bolts are still secure and not rusted.

By taking good care of your roof and using it to provide more ecenomical additions to your home, you will find that taking care of other home maintenance will become easier.
So next time you come to your roof while performing home maintenance chores, think about the things you could do to increase its productivity. There may be some great opportunity there for you to alter your roof to suit your way of living.