How Are Gutters Made?

How Are Gutters Made?

How are Gutters Made is a question we need to know the answer to to ensure that we create the best Gutter Guard System for your Gutters.

Every home is different, and gutters can be made out of a variety of different materials, which means we need to create a variety of Gutter Guard Systems to suit your roof.

How Are Gutters Made?: Know your Gutters

To answer the question’ How are Gutters Made?’ Let’s start with the basic materials. The following examples describe the main types of gutter available for residential installation today.

How are Gutters Made: Man Made Gutters

Vinyl gutters are inexpensive and will not rust. Common in Europe, they are a lesser quality gutter and not popular in Australia as they are flimsy and not aesthetically pleasing.

Composite gutters imitate wooden gutters. They are made from pre-primed composite blocks of material shaped using similar production techniques as wood. Composite gutters come in a variety of different tints and are increasingly becoming more popular.

Fiberglass gutters are molded into their shape unlike composite and vinyl gutters. Using a wood gutter as a template, Fiberglass gutters are molded by hand. then fiberglass and resign is layered to produce a gutter that is identical to the template.

How Are Gutters Made: Wooden Gutters

Some of the earliest gutters were made from wood. They are very aesthetically pleasing but now not allowed to be installed on most homes due to fire regulations.

Wooden gutters are chiseled into shape using a template, most are made from Cedar. Their production is a timely process which makes them a more expensive type of gutter. Aside from the price, wooden gutters also need a lot of work to maintain.

The interior of wooden Gutters needs to be oiled regularly. this means that gutter guards are not able to be installed so they fill up quickly with debris and need to be regularly cleaned.

As well-as this, the capacity of the outlets in wood gutter are usually less than half that of outlets of other types of gutters, requiring more outlets and downspouts to drain properly.

 How Are Gutters Made: Metal Gutters

The earliest metal gutters were copper formed into a half-round shape by hand. Custom gutters are still made this way. Subsequently, rolls of copper and aluminum were extruded through machines to produce various shapes.Metal gutters are now the most popular and widely sold on the market and we make the majority of out Gutter Guard Systems to fit Metal guttering.

Aluminum K-style: This style of gutter gets it’s name because of their cross section resembles the letter ‘K’.

This style of gutter suits nearly any house and are manufactured quickly.

Aluminium gutters can also be found in ‘half-round’ styles.

To produce either style of Aluminium guttering,the metal is melted an molded and then set. Styles are painted where manufacturing takes place and then delivered to your home for easy installation.

Galvanized steel
 is a popular gutter choice is it is steel that is factory coated with zinc to prevent rust.

Galvanized gutter systems, but mostly galvanized downspouts with wooden gutters, are usually painted to protect it further from rust.

Galvanized gutters are made in the same manner as aluminium gutters but then coated before delivery.

They are strong and inexpensive, but once the galvanized coating is breached, they will rust through.

Galvalume galvanized product that isn’t painted for those who prefer a more post-modern, faintly industrial look. The coating is a zinc/aluminum/polymer alloy; again, factory applied.  It is longer lasting than galvanized steel making it a popular new addition to the market.

 How Are Gutters Made: Copper Gutters

Copper is an expensive gutter choice but they look great! utters are a high end choice, both aesthetically and practically.Copper does not need to be painted. It ages naturally from new-penny bright to a darker palate and eventually after 12 or more years to a green patina. The patina, which is actually oxidation, forms a protective coating. Should it be scratched or scraped it will naturally begin to re-form. This adds character to your home.

Copper gutters are molded into using heat and a template. They are known to last longer than any other gutter system on the market.

If you would like any more information on how gutters are made or on our great range of Gutter Guard Systems contact us. 


Written by Heidi Cridland