how does gutter protection work

Gutter Protection – How Does It Work?

Gutters have been a part of house Architecture for hundreds of years. Materials including zinc, stone, wood and now aluminium, galvanized steel or copper.

Gutters are designed to allow the run off of water after heavy rainfalls. Allowing water to run down pipes into one run way stops roof and foundation erosion and protects the landscape around the house.

Gutter guards help to stop debris running into these gutters and blocking them, but how does gutter protection work?

How does gutter protection work?

There are a number of different kinds of gutter protection currently available. Most feature a sheet of expanded metal with diamond shaped holes which stops debris while allowing water to flow through. A similar form of gutter protection can be made from vinyl or plastic material by casting the holes.

Mesh gutter-guards feature a water tension sheet that  stretches like elastic across the guard. The mesh prevents much smaller solid matter that would normally slip through the diamond-shaped guards.

Another system is the plate system which features slotted plates that prevent larger sticks and leaves while still allowing water to run through. How does gutter protection work though when too many leaves and debris are covering the plates? This guttering system needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it functioning well, however, most debris will dry and be blown away from the guard once the rain stops.

How does gutter protection work? Is it always effective?

With all the above systems there are slight flaws. Gutter guard systems need to be maintained to stay in good working order. Even the best gutter protection system will not b able to keep ALL debris out. To make your gutter guard system even better you can purchase a gutter filter!

How does gutter protection work with a gutter filter?

Working hand-in-hand with your gutter guards system, a gutter filter uses a piece of sturdy foam that completely fills the top of the gutter. There are no open holes, no gaps, and nothing but water can get through.

Installing the right gutter system and optimizing it’s function is important for your peace of mind. If you need any help choosing the right gutter guard system, or are still wondering “How does gutter protection work” don’t hesitate to contact us.


Written By Heidi Cridland