How To Make Your Gutters Last : Gutter Guards

How To Make Your Gutters Last : Gutter Guards


Knowing How To Make Your Gutters Last is something every home-owner wants to know as new Gutters are an expensive home necessity to have to replace.

It might be beneficial to note that Installing Gutter Guards are instrumental in ensuring your Gutter Guards last a lifetime. There are many reasons for this but it all comes down to the fact that Gutter protect your Gutters from all that isn’t supposed to be dwelling on your roof.

As well as Gutter Guards there are other things you need to to know to know How To make Your Gutters last. . .

How To Make Your Gutters Last: Regular Cleaning

Do not wait for your clogged gutters to cause mold and contaminate your interior walls! Cleaning your Gutters regularly can go as far as protect your home’s foundations from disintegrating.

Do regular cleaning of your gutters by sweeping off debris like twigs, leaves, branches, sand-like shingles, and nests of birds and other insects. Afterwards, consider hosing it down with water to completely remove the unsightly mass.

If you don’t have Gutter Guards Installed you will need to clean your Gutters at least twice annually.

How To Make Your Gutters Last: Thorough Check-up

Thoroughly checking your roof and gutters includes checking the connections of your gutters. Look for rusting spots which might build up in your gutters causing them to break or leak.

Replace some sections should they easily come off.

Patch any holes and clean your gutters of leaf debris in the process.

You might also want to consider installing gutter screens that can protect your gutters. These gutter screens prevent the build-up of debris and leave debris that accumulate on top. This build-up is to blame for any rust holes you may find in your guttering system! It’s always better to prevent an issue than treat it!

The bottom line about all these maintenance measures is that, in the process, you will know How To Make Your Gutters Last as long as possible.  If you would like more tips on How To Make Your Gutters Last or would like to view our range of Gutter Guards contact us.