Prepare For A Storm

Prepare For A Storm

Unless you properly Prepare For A Storm on your roof your risk loose and broken roof tiles, fallen trees and branches and flooding caused by blocked gutters and downpipes.

Follow the following tips on how to Prepare For A Storm to ensure you get through the season safely and without expensive structural damage to your home.

How To Prepare For A Storm

To Prepare For A Storm simply follow this Preparation checklist:

  1. Check your roof and gutters are in good condition with no breakages or loose roof tiles
  2.  Ensure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris; installing leaf guards to your gutters can help reduce maintenance significantly and you will hardly have to worry about this point again!
  3.  Trim branches near your home and hire a tree-lopper to clear trees away from power lines
  4.  Ensure your family understands storms and any risks involved particularly if you live in a tropical zone that is used to severe electrical storms.
  5.  Prepare an emergency relocation plan in case your home becomes unlivable.
  6.  Clearly display a list of emergency phone numbers on the fridge so your family can remember them.
  7. Have an emergency kit handy with portable radio, torch, spare batteries and first aid kit.
  8.  Know how to turn off your home’s gas, electricity and water supplies

  How To Prepare For A Storm That Is Nearly Upon You

  1. Ensure that all loose materials around your home are secured, e.g. outdoor furniture, kids play equipment etc.
  2.  Ensure your emergency kit is up to date.
  3. Make sure your pets and animals are in a safe place.
  4.  Move your vehicles under cover

If you are away from your home you should contact family or friends to ensure your home is secure and see if they can help with any of the above list.

If you would like any more information on how you and your family should Prepare For A Storm contact us.