Wise Home Maintenance Idea

Wise Home Maintenance Idea

Wise Home Maintenance Ideas for your home don’t just end with your roof. At The Leaf Man we’re dedicated to helping you find solutions that helpfully maintain your home.

While we believe that Gutter Guards are the are the key to keeping your roof well maintained, we also know some other helpful hints that could cut your water and electricity bills significantly and free up your time to enjoy your Summer.

Wise Home Maintenance Ideas From The Leaf Man


During the Summer months, the average household uses approximately four times more water than the rest of the year. Extra time outdoors equals additional sweat and dirt meaning more frequent showers and extra loads of clothes in the washing machine. On top of this, we individually consume a lot more water during the Summer meaning your household water bill can really add up!

It’s important to consume this extra water in the Summer and you should be able to enjoy your time outdoors without fearing the next water bill. By Following these Wise Home Maintenance Ideas you’ll ensure your bill wont get much bigger through the Summer.

Wise Home maintenance Ideas To Save Water


  1. Check out the temperature gauge/setting on your water heating unit. It should be set no more than 125 degrees, in fact, anything higher than this could burn your skin and will double your bill. If you are going away on holidays, turn the heater right down to save unnecessary heating costs.
  2. Change any old shower heads in your home as leaking shower heads will waste as much as 4 litres of water per week!
  3.  Inspect the hoses on your washing machine to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Making sure the hoses are working properly will also ensure your water pressure is at it’s best and your clothes are washing properly.
  4.  Water your lawn early in the morning to reduce wasted evaporation.
  5. If you are going away,  install a rain shut-off device on your sprinkler systems to reduce unnecessary watering.

Wise Home maintenance Ideas For Your Roof


  1. Spend a day cleaning out your Gutters and ensuring that they’re are no cracks in your Guttering System of down pipes.
  2. If your town is experiencing a drought, schedule a pipe and drain inspection. Prolonged periods of extremely dry weather can cause strain on pipes resulting in cracks. This can easily create a very serious and expensive problem for home owners, so it is best to get in front of it with an inspection.
  3. Beware of standing water. Excess water can result from dripping or damaged pipelines or a damaged sewer line. Standing water is not healthy for kids or animals, and is a breeding ground for insects and germs. Examine the yard for areas that are too wet and with unusual plant or grass growth.

By Installing Gutter Guards on your roof, most of your roof maintenance will be looked after for you, giving you more time to enjoy your Summer (or implement some of our other Wise Home Maintenance Ideas). If you would like to view our range of Gutter Guards visit our website or Contact us.



Written by Heidi Cridland