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When to inspect your roof

Everyday, exposure to sun, rain, leaf matter, wind and other wear and tear ages your roof and causes it to become more brittle. This can lead to breakages and leaking and can become quite expensive if you let it get away from you. The best thing you can do it to keep on top of roof maintenance is to regularly […]

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Add Value To Your Home With Gutter Guards

Everybody wants to increase the value of their home don’t they? We think so, and now that winter is over and the days are starting to get warmer, now is a great time to start thinking about it. So, maybe you should consider what home improvements you can do to add value to your home.

Gutter Maintenance: Reduce It With Gutter Guards

Gutter Maintenance The Spring season brings warmer weather, full bloom flowers and shady trees and with it, a need for gutter maintenance. Petals, seeds and seed pods are awful to clean out of your gutters as they stick to just about anything. Gutter maintenance is important as gutters protect your roof from damaged tiles and your home from flooding and […]

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Leaky Gutters Cause Problems

Surprisingly when your gutters leak, it isn’t the roof structure that cops the brunt of the damage. If you own a house with a basement, you will experience mould or sometimes flooding on the level. If not, you could end up with the problem of an eroded foundation. A costly issue that is expensive to fix! You longer you wait […]

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Buying Gutter Guards

When buying gutter guards many people tend to not really know what they are looking for. Sure gutter guards protect your gutters from a build up of leaves, but there are many standards that gutter guards are required to meet to ensure they are properly serving their purpose.

Australian Standard and Gutter Guards Part 2

Here is some further information on the Australian Standard and Gutter guards. Australian Standard THE LEAF MAN AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd’s  GUTTER GUARD THE LEAF MAN GUTTER GUARD . COMPLIANCE TO THE BUILDING CODE OF AUSTRALIA FACT SHEET Building regulations must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Building Regulations 2009 amendment modifies BCA to adopt AS 3959 – 2009

Australian Standards And Gutter Guards in Bushfire Areas

With the bushfire season approaching we, at The Leaf Man Gutter Guards, decided we should share some information about the Australian Standards and Gutter Guards. The Leaf Man Australia complies with all the standards necessary to offer a high quality safe product. Read more about the Australian Standards and gutter guards below.

Gutter Guard Installation Considerations

    Area: This applies to the environment in which you live. In some environments you might not get a choice of which gutter guard you install. For example, if you live in a bush fire prone area then you MUST install aluminum gutter guards. If your area isn’t bound to this council rule then you have the choice between […]

Gutter Guards and Insects

The build up of leaves & debris along with rainwater encourages an environment loved by some potentially deadly insects and bacteria. Mosquito’s LOVE this environment and because of this, contribute significantly to the Dengue Fever epidemic. Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted by certain mosquito’s found in tropical areas around the world, including Australia.

Bushfire Protection & Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are an important addition in offering bushfire protection to any home and stop leaf build up in gutters and roof valleys. Often people will confuse gutter guards with ember guards, but it is important that you realise they are actually both completely different products. Gutter guards offer a different function to ember guards.