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Choosing the best Gutter Guard: Helping you make the right decision

Choosing the best Gutter Guard is important as they help prevent gutters that are attached along the roof-line of homes from becoming clogged with debris. Effective Gutter Guards make it possible to keep the maintenance easier and prevent the damage to eaves when the gutters to become clogged. Before choosing the best Gutter Guards to purchase, there are some things […]

Roof Materials: Metal Roofing Vs. Tiles

Lately in Australian media the publicity of the advantages of tile roof materials over metal roof materials has become a debatable topic. Companies are beginning to reconsider their materials and what the public is interested in, especially as the ‘GREEN THEME’ is around. The roof is one of the largest external facing surfaces of a home and the choice of […]

Seasonal Roof Care Tips for the Winter Months

We’ve put together a few Seasonal Roof Care Tips to help you look after your roof and Gutter Guards in the Winter. Hot, wet Summers are different to cold, dry Winters (obviously), so the care your gutters requires is different care. Save our Winter Seasonal Roof Care tips for when the weather turns. Whether you get snow or it just […]

What’s in your Gutters?

What’s in your gutters? Do you really know? Are they in need of a clean? Is there any damage that needs to be taken care of? Just about every house has gutters. While we don’t really acknowledge them, they hang from your roof, just below the eaves, protecting your home, gardens and foundation from water damage when it rains. You […]

Types of Gutters: Find the right fit for your home

Types of GutterTypes of Gutters There are a few different types of gutters that you can choose for your house. A good guttering system is a vital part of your roofing system. We’ve listed a couple of options to help you choose the best for your home.

Gutter and Roof Cleaning: How to prevent the job from getting too big

  Gutter and roof cleaning is a big job. Often the size of the task sees people leave it until it is almost unmanageable. The trick with gutter and roof cleaning is prevention. Once a year, spend day doing jobs that will prevent gutter and roof cleaning from becoming overwhelming. This includes pruning trees that have grown over the roof […]

What are Gutter Guards made of? Find a product that lasts!

  What are Gutter Guards made of? This isn’t a silly question. In fact, knowing  what your gutter guards are made of will help you choose the best gutter guard from your home. The materials selected when choosing different gutter protection products are crucial to the performance and longevity of the system. When deciding on the right gutter guard system […]

Safe Ladder Practices: Tips to Ensure You Clean Your Gutters Safely

Safe ladder practices are important when cleaning out your gutters. Most households will own a portable ladder for easy access to the roof. The potential for injury on a portable ladder is significant. Ideally, using scaffolding or elevated work platform would be best when cleaning your gutters. However, we understand that the humble, portable ladder is a staple in the […]

Professional Installation of Gutter Guards

Professional installation of gutter guards will ensure the system correctly serves its purpose for years to come. Gutter guards are  worth investing in. A good gutter guard system will prevent rainwater damage and to your houses structure and stop mold from damaging your ceilings. While you can install a gutter guard system yourself, you are much better off having a […]

Trimming Overhanging Trees: Protect your roof from damage

Trimming overhanging trees that are dropping debris on your roof can be a difficult and dangerous chore. The proper equipment is necessary to ensure you don’t do yourself, or your roof, any damage. For large trees or branches that are hovering above your roof line, call in the experts. If the job is something you think you can manage, follow our safety […]