It’s a tricky business being in the gutter mesh industry. Gutters are usually something that people don’t think about until there is a storm or a bush fire. The other time is when the rain is cascading through the whole in the gutter – and yes it is always in front of the back door!
With the torrential rain that Sydney saw yesterday leaks in homes, it is almost inevitable to find leaks if the gutters and roof have not been maintained or replaced in years.
The other friendly reminder that it is raining is also the friendly Huntsman! Just like leaking gutters he wants some protection from the rain and without fail will find his or her way into your house or car.
Our gutter mesh gutter guard installers see hundreds of them throughout the year so we are quite partial to friendly ways of keeping them out of where they are not wanted.

We realise that Little Miss Muffet isn’t the only one that gets frightened by spiders. Why is it that they seem to love crawling above beds across windscreens and always on the inside? The poor things are just trying to get out of the rain and you will usually find them high up in the car or on the wall, not down at your feet.

Tips to keep spiders away!
1. Spiders really dislike the scent of lemon, so the best thing you can do is to rub some lemon oil (essential lemon oil, not synthetic) onto a cloth and wipe down all of the rubber door seals of your car and the door jams and windows frames of your home. Open the doors and windows and go around all of the edges.
2. Make a car freshener using a little lemon peel, (do not use the lemon flesh) a little lemon oil and some cloves. The car will smell delicious and the cloves will keep the moths away as well. Put one anywhere in the house where the vision of a spider might just startle you.
3. Try not to park your car near overhanging trees,(spiders love them) and don’t leave your car windows open, especially in damp areas.
4. Don’t forget to do the outside toilet if you have one. Clean the entire toilet with a sponge soaked in lemon oil and around the door jam as well.