Hot roofs are something we know a lot about as our installers are on them every day. So we thought it was a great opportunity to have a chat with Michael Bonello, Managing Director of Skydome to discuss ways to cool down your home via your roof.
The harsh Australian environment and sometimes poor building design can result in our homes heating up very quickly during summer days.

Heat can get trapped in the roof space, resulting in joint distortion, sagging ceilings and paint problems. Effective ventilation of a home’s roof cavity is the most effective way to combat these problems.

Michael Bonello, Managing Director of Skydome, a supplier and manufacturer of skylight and ventilation products, as well as Marketing Chair of the Skylight Industry Association, said good ventilation can improve the efficiency of air conditioners.

“Good ventilation will help release hot air trapped in your roof, which means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. This serves to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs,” Bonello said.

“The use of effective ventilation also increases the performance of roof insulation,” he added.

Skydome manufactures the Powervent, a ventilation product used to effectively remove hot air from roof cavities. Unlike traditional wind-powered vents, the Powervent does not need a breeze to function but operates thermostatically or on a timer switch.

In addition to the Powervent, Skydome manufactures skylights which are glazed to protect from harmful UV rays with 99 per cent UV blockout. Skydome skylights are available in tint glazing and can be provided with heat control blinds, helping to keep your home cooler during summer.

Skydome products are custom-made to suit Australian conditions and their robust roof flashings offer excellent watertightness.

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