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About The Leaf Man Gutter Guard

Leaf Man Gutter Guard Specialists

Reliable, Trustworthy and
Australian-Made Gutter Guard.

Our Gutter Guard is the only powder-coated, steel gutter guard fully manufactured In Australia on our own premises. From a base of BlueScope Steel Zinculume® coils we expand the steel to the exacting standards of our gutter guard.

Our dedicated and professional team includes the most experienced, fully insured and certified installers, and we provide a leaf guard service second to none. The Leaf Man gives you a personalised service, handling all aspects of your job from consultation to production to installation. We’re known around Australia, with our fleet of instantly recognisable vehicles and a factory allowing us quality manufacturing capabilities. Read below to find out why we’re different from the rest.

The Leaf Man Australian Made For Tough Australian Conditions

Why Choose The Leaf Man?

Our Gutter Guard is Australia’s only powder-coated, steel gutter guard fully manufactured on our premises. From a base of BlueScope Steel Zinculume coils we expand the steel to the exacting standards of our gutter guard.

We powder coat to ensure complete coverage for the ultimate protection against the elements and offer the exclusive service of custom cutting, folding and varying widths for individual applications.

Our consultant team consists of representatives from the domestic, commercial and trade industries. Each individual is specifically trained with the knowledge and expertise tailored to service each industries differing needs and requirements.

Our installers are fully insured and certified in the industry Australia Wide. Collectively they have been on thousands of roofs – even some famous ones! The Leaf Man has full public liability and meets all WH&S regulations Australia wide.

It is not only our product that sets us apart. No other company offers the services that The Leaf Man Australia offers with industry specific services and customised product offerings. The Leaf Man gutter guard is suitable not only for Residential but CommercialIndustrial and Heritage applications also.

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our manufacturing and our installation, but our integrity. We strive to bring you an all-Australian solution that will last for years to come.

Product Specifications

  • Versatile: Suitable for Residential, Commercial & Industrial gutter types.
  • Material: BlueScope Powder Coated Zinculume® Steel.
  • Colours: All Colorbond® Colours & Zinculume®.
  • Powder coated: 360°coverage – no metal to metal reactions, enviro-friendly.
  • Thickness: 0.55mm at lowest point to 2.00mm at raised aperture.
  • Length: 1200mm.
  • Width: Standard 195mm, plus made-to-order up to 800mm and over.
  • Apertures: Expanded and raised eyelets – BCA compliant.
  • Compliance: Council approved, AS1530Pt3 compliant, BCA compliant.
  • Positioning: Positioning of apertures is determined by pitch of roof and gutter.
  • Fire Rating: Rated 0 on the Flammability Index from the CSIRO.

Gutter Guard Installations.

Tile Roof.

Tile Roof Valley.

Corrugated Roof.

Corrugated Roof Valley.

Commercial Application.