Here is some further information on the Australian Standard and Gutter guards.

Australian Standard




Building regulations must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Building Regulations 2009 amendment modifies BCA to adopt AS 3959 – 2009


Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009) is the standard for:

Constructions of Buildings in bushfire prone areas.


All references for Gutters & downpipes in the Australian Standard can be found in clauses:

5.6.7 : 6.6.7 : 7.6.7 : 8.6.7 : 9.6.5:


The references are quoted as follows:

“This Standard does not provide material requirements for-

(a)   gutters, with the exception of box gutters; and

(b)   downpipes

If installed, gutter and valley leaf guards shall be non-combustible.

Box gutters shall be non-combustible and flashed at the junction with the roof and non-combustible material.”


As well as complying to the Australian Standards, The Leaf Man Gutter Guard has been assessed by the CSIRO according to

“AS1530.2: Test for flammability of materials” and was granted a 0 (zero) flammability rating. 0 (zero)ignitablity rating,  0 (zero) spread of flame scale index rating and 0 (zero) smoke evolved scale rating.

Excerpt from correspondence to The Leaf Man Australia Pty Ltd from NSW Rural Fire Service

australian standard

NSW Rural Fire Service – Australian Standard

In relation to suitable materials, Australian Starndard 3959, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas (AS3959-2009) is considered the applicable standard governing minimum construction requirements for NSW. In this regard, where installed on a development assessed as BAL-12.5 to BAL-FZ, ‘gutter and valley leaf guards shall be non-combustible’.

In relation to design of gutter and velley leaf guards, AS3959-2009 does not specify design requirements. PBP through the sitting and design principles outlined in Chapter 4 (p.44) provides guidance on this matter. This was considered beneficial when the document was prepared to include thi advice, and it is appreciated that the new designs and products have now entered the market place. The design of the gutter and valley leaf guard systems is critical to its success, however it should be noted that there may be several design/installation methods that acheive the performance criteria.

Where gutters and valleys are required to be ‘leafless’, the following design principles shall be applied:

  • Gutters and valleys shall be covered with a non-combustible mesh with a maximum aperture size of 5mm to prevent leaves entering the gutter and valleys;
  • The mesh shall be installed to ensure no gaps between the gutter and the roof space greater than 5mm;
  • The mesh is securely fixed with materials that can withstand the expected radiant heat flux and to prevent sagging.

We hope now you have further understanding about the Australian Standard & Gutter Guards coming into bushfire season.