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HIA Sydney Home Show this weekend !!

See and feel the strength of Sydney gutter guard made by The Leaf Man Gutter Guard this weekend.

Do you have a wish list for your home?

Or perhaps it’s more of a needs list.

Whichever it is, bring your list along to  the HIA Home Show this weekend in Sydney at Darling Harbor and see the Sydney gutter guard specialists.

You’ll have a […]

Aluminum & Copper gutter protection is now available through The Leaf Man Australia

After months of research and development and lots of trial and error in our manufacturing plant, The Leaf Man Australia is proud to announce it’s latest range of products; Aluminium and copper gutter guards.

Aluminum and Copper gutter guards. Made to the same exacting standards of our Steel gutter guard, our Aluminum and Copper now gives the consumer a greater […]

Ensure cleaner tank water with The Leaf Man Gutter Guard


Clean Gutters help you keep cleaner water in your water tanks.

As Autumn is here – so too are the falling leaves from deciduous trees and the winds that can create debris havoc in your gutters!

It is the perfect time to think about the water that you harvest into your water tank.

What do you use your tank water for? Is […]

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Your Autumn gutter protection action plan

It’s important to have a gutter protection plan in action for Autumn.

As the cooler months approach we enter what we call our peak gutter season.

Leaves start to shed from trees and winds pick up and fly debris onto your roof and into your gutters.

Put simply – gutters without The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will become blocked.

So what does this […]

What style roof does your home have? Get the right Roof Gutter Guard

A close friend enlisted a few people to help with some pre sale maintenance on her home. When we offered to clean her gutters she asked “Does my style of roof have gutters?”  It got us thinking here at The Leaf Man Australia factory about how many Australians don’t know what style of roof they have, or how a […]

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Choosing the right gutter guard company for your home

You wouldn’t have found gutter guard on many peoples wish list for Christmas. But you will find many holiday home-owners putting off the dreaded task of cleaning out their gutters. Rather than climb that rickety ladder, you may decide to finally invest in a solution. But now you have another problem. Which gutter protection for your home? Which is […]

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What is gutter protection and do I need it for my home?

We are often asked at The Leaf Man Australia whether gutter guard is essential. We have built a business around gutter guard and gutter protection – so we can’t imagine a roof without it. The benefits of gutter guard are much like that of anti-ageing cream for skin ageing. It’s all about gutter protection and long term benefits.
These benefits […]

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Summer Fire Danger & Fire Protection

Happy New Year! Now it’s time to consider fire protection for the summer if you haven’t already.

Sometimes we get complacent in cooler weather and don’t have the dangers of summer at the forefront of our minds.

Our Melbourne Leaf Man Australia Team came across this article about the fire dangers before us this summer.

The Leader article

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Clean Gutters | How Did Santa Go Landing His Sleigh On Your Roof?

Santa told us here at The Leaf Man Australia that there were some very dirty gutters indeed, as well as some slippery roofs and dodgy roof tiles. But if you haven’t got experience in roof landing and walking, like Santa, then make sure you call in a professional to get clean gutters, free of debris and ready for summer.
Recently […]

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Leaf Guard – The Greener Way To Guard Your home

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