Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves are beautiful, but not when your find them in a pile of sludgy mess, blocking your gutters and causing severe damage to your roof.  It is then that Autumn leaves means a whole lot of work.

However, it doesn’t need to be that hard. Here are six easy steps to dealing with Autumn Leaves and ensuring they don’t do an damage to your roof.

Making sure you regularly clean your roof is vital to ensure it is safe of damage. While it’s not a fun chore, it’s necessary, especially in the Autumn.

Cleaning Autumn Leaves From Your Roof

Here is what you’ll need to ensure the Autumn Leaves Don’t do any damage to your roof.

Tools needed: Leaf blower, ladder, rope, water hose, and a yard stick.

Step 1: After standing the ladder up in a good position (which should be away from the corner of the house), secure it with a rope to a vent pipe on the roof or something else just as strong.

Step 2: Gather the tools that will be needed. It may also be a good idea to grab a water hose for cleaning gutters though it is a good ideal to run water through the gutter after it has been cleaned.

Step 3: Get started with cleaning the Autumn Leaves off your roof. Walk along the edge of the roof  as sweep the top, dry leaves off the roof and onto the ground below. Do not try this when the roof and leaves are wet. This can cause an accident to happen besides wet leaves do not blow well.

Step 4: If the Autumn leaves are piled up use a stick found in the yard to push them over the edge. Do not get to close to the edge of the roof this is what the three foot stick is for, we don’t want you falling off the roof now.

Step 5: Use the hose to rinse extra ‘sticky’ Autumn Leaves out of your gutters.

Step 6: Clean around the house where clumps of leaves have fallen put away the tools and ladder and you can rest assured knowing your roof is safe and clean for the winter.

To minimalise having to do such a big clean-out of Autumn Leaves on your roof each Autumn, install gutter guards. Gutter Guards prevent the build-up on leaves on your roof, making your roof much cleaner, safer and stronger. For more information on The Leaf Man’s gutter guards or a quote for your roof contact us.