Did you know that house fires can be started from the burning embers of a fire five kilometres away?

In fact, 80 percent of fires are started this way.

But the good news is that gutter guards protect your roof from fires and protect your home and your family. The Leaf Man has been helping Australians to protect their homes from bush fire for over 14 years.

CSIRO has granted The Leaf Man Gutter Guard a zero flammability certificate that means it has zero chance of catching alight in a fire.

How does The Leaf Man Gutter Guard help to protect my home from bush fire?

Not only should you gutters be covered in Bush Fire Areas but you need to ensure that your roofline is sealed off as well.

With our unique and specialized gutter guard & fitting systems, The Leaf Man gutter guards do just that.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guard is designed to leave no gaps between your gutter and your roof line. It ensures that your roof line is sealed off and in turn helps to protect your roof as well as your gutters from flying embers.

We have produced our gutter guard in accordance to the requirements of the NSW Rural Fire Brigade and the following design principles:

  • Gutters and valleys must be covered with a non-combustible mesh with a maximum aperture of 5mm to prevent leaves entering the gutter and valleys;
  • The mesh must be installed to ensure no gaps between the gutter and the roof space greater than 5mm;
  • The mesh must be securely fixed with materials that can withstand the expected radiant heat flux and to prevent sagging.

What makes The Leaf Man Gutter Guard the best option for my home?

The Leaf Man Gutter Guard has been granted from the CSIRO a zero flammability certificate – this means that there is 0 chances that it will become flammable in a fire – unlike other gutter guard products made from aluminum or plastic. The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will not ignite or melt under intense heat and is anti-corrosive. Hot embers landing on The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will simply burn out.

Click here to view our Certificate of Flammability tested by the CSIRO

Your family’s Bush Fire Survival Plan

Of course, protecting your gutters is just one step in your family’s bush fire survival plan.

We have compiled the following list of information to help you prepare the best you can for bush fire season. The information follows and compliments the guidelines of the Rural Fire Service.

  • Ensure your gutters are clean form debris. Gutters without any gutter guard protection will need to be cleaned weekly.
  • Immediate installation of The Leaf Man Gutter Guard onto your gutters will protect your gutters and roof line. Only rooves with steel gutter guard installed, such as The Leaf Man’s product, are classified as ‘constructed for bushfires’.
  • Ensure your yard, including all paths on the sides of your home are free from flammable material, dry leaves and twigs
  • Prepare your Bush Fire Survival Plan using the following link:
    A thought-out plan that has been discussed with your family and written down ensures that everyone will know what to do in the event of a fire.