bushfire protection

Don’t let this happen to you. Get bushfire protection with gutter guards today!

Gutter guards are an important addition in offering bushfire protection to any home and stop leaf build up in gutters and roof valleys. Often people will confuse gutter guards with ember guards, but it is important that you realise they are actually both completely different products. Gutter guards offer a different function to ember guards.

Bushfire Protection For Your Home

Ember guards are used to block gaps in the home which embers can enter and start a fire in the home. The ember guards fill gaps that are often found under the eaves of a home or vents. They also can be a very useful tool to protect the flammable pads on evaporative air conditioners. These can easily become fire fuel for stray fire embers and if this happens, it doesn’t take long for the entire unit to be up in flames, followed by your roof and your home.

Any gaps in your home that are greater than 2mm have the potential to let embers into unwanted areas. For these areas it is essential to have ember guards fitted.

Along with ember guards for bushfire protection, it’s also important to have gutter guards installed. The gutter guards offer a different type of bushfire protection for your home. If you were honest with yourself, we’re pretty sure you’d admit that you never or very rarely desire to clean out your gutters and valleys of your roof. Just because you can’t see what’s up there, doesn’t mean you can ignore it though! Installing gutter guards can help with that and will give you some peace of mind when it comes to bushfire protection. It doesn’t mean you never have to worry about your gutters ever again, but it does reduce the frequency and the need to go up onto the roof to clean out your gutters all the time.

Gutter guards are an important aspect of home bushfire protection preparation. It doesn’t take much for the leaves and debris in your gutters to start a fire in the roof of your home. All it takes is a simple little ember landing in the wrong place and that could be the beginning of the end of your home. The embers can easily ignite any leaf litter that has built up on your roof.

It’s important that you are aware of the Australian Standards when it comes to gutter guards to make sure you have the right gutter guard that covers the requirements needed. Bushfire protection should be a great consideration when installing gutter guards.

You will need a quality installer to not only make sure they are using the correct materials for your gutter guards but also to be sure the quality of work is to an exceptional standard for bushfire protection.

If you are interested in keeping your home protected from bushfire, consider getting The Leaf Man gutter guards installed today! Bushfires in Australia are common, don’t wait until it’s too late to do something to keep your home protected.