Buying Gutter Guards Checklist

Buying Gutter Guards Checklist

When buying gutter guards many people tend to not really know what they are looking for.

Sure gutter guards protect your gutters from a build up of leaves, but there are many standards that gutter guards are required to meet to ensure they are properly serving their purpose.

When buying gutter guards keep in mind the following checklist to ensure your gutter guards comply with Australian manufacturing standards, will serve their purpose and not destroy your roof!

The Checklist for Buying Gutter Guards

  1. You may wish to look for some reviews first. Possibly try True Local or other reviewing websites.
  2. Make sure the gutter guard doesn’t install under your roofs shingles or weigh on your current roofing material in any way. This can lead to serious roof damage such as leaks and damaged tiles.
  3. Ensure the gutter guard is made of durable material and doesn’t have any manufactured holes or openings that are large enough for ANY debris to enter. This effectively defeats the purpose of the gutter guard.
  4. Confirm with your manufacturer that the pricing of the gutter guard will be honoured and that there is a guaranteed warranty.
  5. Ensure that those installing the gutter guards are properly trained and that they adhere to quality control measures.
  6. Make sure you have numbers for support and maintenance.

Buying gutter guards for your home is a necessary endeavour but unless they adhere to the above checklist they will either end up being faulty or not serve their intended purpose at all.

On top of all of this, when buying gutter guards, make sure that they are made of strong, durable, materials (either a strong polyethylene plastic or metal). If a gutter guard is installed properly it should have a guarantee of lasting on your home.

Of course it is also up to you to ensure the materials on the gutter guards are looked after and the guards are regularly cleaned and maintained annually.