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Why Should You Choose The Leaf Man Australia?


If you’ve been looking at getting gutter guards, we’re sure you’ve been doing your research and looking at what’s available. We believe that people should do research in the products they are going to buy and encourage you to ask us any questions if you have any concerns about our product or any others that you may have come across. At The Leaf Man Australia we are always honest with you and will offer you the best advice possible. You wouldn’t buy a home without first viewing the house, or learning anything about it, and we believe any purchase should be given the same attention. This is an investment, not just an impulse buy and you don’t want to regret the decision you make the day after installation.

So, why should you choose The Leaf Man Australia?

Here are some reasons you should choose us:

  • ┬áBefore installing our gutter guards, we ensure we have completely cleaned your gutters and downpipes. It is pointless installing gutter guard protection if you haven’t first cleaned the existing leaves and debris that are clogging your gutters.
  • We make sure to inspect your gutters before installing our product. If gutters have been left for too long without being cleaned, they could need repairing or replacing before any gutter guard product can be installed. We won’t simply install our product and walk away. At The Leaf Man Australia, we look after your home like it is one of our own.
  • Our product is designed and adapted for Australian conditions. The weather and the types of trees can affect how well gutter guards work. We have designed ours to match our Australian climate and surroundings.
  • We have gone green by powder coating our product. Powder coating is environmentally friendly and is an organic high quality finished surface providing integrity, durability and an aesthetic appearance over an extended period of time.
  • The Leaf Man Australia is Australian owned and manufactured. You are supporting Australians and getting an Australian product.
  • Due to the materials that we use and the powder coating, the gutter guards from The Leaf Man Australia will not rust. The materials are anti corrosive and salt resistant.
  • Our product complies with council requirements and has been given a flammability index of ‘0’ meaning it will not burn!
  • The gutter guards by The Leaf Man Australia are compatible with all types of roofs including steel, aluminium, copper and tile which means it doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, we have the product that will work for you!
  • We guarantee you, our customers, a personal experience and we will handle all aspects of your job from consultation to production and installation.
  • Our consultants are highly trained. They are able to identify the specific needs of every home and every job allowing them to provide you with a thorough and extensive assessment and quote on your gutters. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Our installers are all dedicated professionals and are fully insured and certified Australia wide in the industry.

Your home is our home!

We care for your home like it is our own so you can rest assured knowing your home is being looked after with the professionals at The Leaf Man Australia.

Contact us if you would like more information about our product or services.