If you, like many others, don’t like the idea of having to get up on a ladder or onto the roof multiple times a year to clean out your gutters, then it’s time you considered installing gutter guards onto your home. But how do you know what the best gutter guard is for your home? We have come up with a few tips on choosing the best gutter guard system.

Best Gutter Guard

Best Gutter Guard

Choosing The Best Gutter Guard or Mesh

The following is a list of considerations you will need to think about when choosing your gutter guards:

  • The climate where you live
  • Cost
  • Type
  • Materials used
  • Effectiveness
  • Appearance
  • Installation
  • Ease of maintenance

When looking for the best gutter guard, you will come across a large range of products using different materials. Some will use copper, aluminium or mesh and some will be made with plastic, nylon or foam. There are pros and cons to each different material so the best gutter guard for your home will depend on where you are located and what the climate is like. If you live in a bushfire prone area, buying plastic, foam or nylon gutter guards would not be ideal as they can increase the risk of your home catching fire.

You will also need to consider the installation when deciding which is the best gutter guard system for your home. When it comes to gutter guards the main priority is to add protection to your home and prevent the need for you to be on the roof cleaning. There are a number of companies that will do the gutter guard installation for you, allowing you to stay safe with two feet planted firmly on the floor. You will want to check the insurance level of these installers to make sure they are covered if they injure themselves and check the product they are installing comes with a warranty. Be sure when choosing the best gutter guard system you choose a reputable company with experience. An inexperienced person could cause more damage.

Once you are happy with your decision and you are sure you have found the best gutter guard system for your home, you are ready to purchase and install it. If you would like to know more about the service The Leaf Man Australia can offer, contact us today!