Leaf Guard Company

Choosing the Right Leaf Guard Company

Nobody likes the task of cleaning out gutters of those leaves and all that debris that fills up the gutters in the windy months. Rather than climb that rickety ladder, you may decide to finally invest in a solution. But now you have another problem. Which gutter protection for your home? Which is the right leaf guard company for you?

Here are some steps to make it easier for you.

1. Choose a reputable leaf guard company that has been in business for at least 10 years
2. Choose a solid product that will last the distance.
3. Choose a quality leaf guard protection product manufactured in Australia – products made off-shore can vary greatly in quality with each despatch.
4. Choose qualified and insured gutter guard installers – ask to sight their insurances. All installers who work on a roof must have a height safety card, public liability, workers compensation. If they’re not insured – neither are you – and you may be liable for their injury. Make sure the leaf guard company they represent stands behind them. Here today gone tomorrow companies with no responsibilities for preferred installers say it all!
5. Choose a gutter mesh product that suits your requirements – not “the best” product which happens to be their only product! All roofs are not created equal and most require exacting fitting.
6. Be wary of companies that copy others. Similar names and similar products all reek of disgruntled ex-employees who have issues – don’t make them yours!
7. And be wary of companies who insist on a maintenance program. That’s a great revenue – maker for them but a hole in the pocket for you!
8. By the same token be wary of those sales people who criticise competitors. Again – you are looking for quality and integrity of product and personal and company.
9. Don’t be pressured into ‘signing up today for that great deal”.
10. Finally, take your time, test the leaf guard product and test the gutter guard company and have a restful summer.

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