Clean Gutters Make A Safe Home!

Chores are boring, we all hate them! Unfortunately, they’re just one of those things in life that we can’t always avoid. Eventually, we need to do something about them and get to work. One of the most ignored chores is the cleaning of your roof and gutters. Many people don’t realise just how much debris gets trapped  up in the small spaces on the roof, and as the debris and leaves continue to pile up in the gutters the potential fire risk becomes greater. In a drought prone country, such as Australia, it is imperative that you don’t let cleaning the gutters become a forgotten chore. Clean gutters are important for your safety!

During the extremely hot, horrible fire danger seasons, that many of us do not like, having clogged gutters is the perfect kindling for a fire. If this catches you could find your home being the grounds of a bonfire.clean gutters

So, how do you get clean gutters and how do you do it preventing the risk of injury?

Firstly, if you are using a ladder, you need to ensure it is stable. Make sure the legs of the ladder are on a firm base. If the base is not steady, you are more likely to fall off and injure yourself. The ladder should also be as vertical as possible while leaning against the house.

Some people find the easiest way to clean their gutters is by getting directly onto the roof however, if you are not confident with this, then don’t do it. A nervous person on the roof can be risky and increases the chance of injury. Once you’re on the roof, it’s simple, just grab handfuls of the leaves and gunk and place them in a garbage bag or throw them down onto the ground to collect later. You may wish to wear gloves to prevent any nasty bugs from scaring you off the roof or biting you. Simply repeat this until all the gutters are clean. You can even find some tools such as these that will help you clean the gutters.

If heights are not something you enjoy, don’t worry, there are solutions out there for you. Extension polls have been designed with gutter cleaning in mind so you get to keep your feet on the ground. You can also find some places with gutter vaccums which will help make things easier for you. If you still do not wish to clean the gutters yourself, there are a number of gutter cleaning businesses you can call.

Of course, you can reduce the need for more consistent gutter cleaning if you have The Leaf Man gutter guards installed making your home safe in those bushfire seasons and keeping you safe. Clean gutters are easier to maintain with leaf gutter protection. Read all about our gutter guards here or for more information on the benefits see our previous blog post here.