Cleaning Clogged Gutters

Cleaning Clogged Gutters

Cleaning Clogged Gutters is a yucky task yet it is necessary to ensuring your gutters function properly and don’t break, causing extensive and expensive damage to your home.

You generally can’t see clogged gutters from the ground and so, cleaning clogged gutters on your home is a job often easily forgotten. This isn’t a good thing though! Gutters that are backed up can send the water into the roof, as well as cause it to flow over the edge of the gutter and seep into your foundation or window sills.

While cleaning clogged gutters isn’t fun, it is a necessary job that should be done early in the spring and late in autumn.  If you, like most of us, don’t enjoy cleaning your gutters all the time, putting in gutter guard system will result in you not having to clean them quite so regularly.

Cleaning Clogged Gutters: How To Do It

Before you start cleaning your gutters make sure you have a ladder, a trowel, gloves, and a hose with a spray attachment. Ladders for a single story home should be the stepladder variety and should be placed on a flat surface; for a two story home, an extension ladder will be needed.

Don’t clean your gutters on a rainy day. We even advise against doing it even a couple of days after it has rained. By waiting till the leaves inside your gutters are dry you prevent the messiness of soggy, heavy leaves soaking you.

Once you have set up your ladders, inspect the gutter and pull out any large debris, tossing it to the ground below to be swept up later. Some people prefer to have a bucket attached to the ladder to hold the debris, but this approach necessitates a lot of climbing up and down to empty the bucket, especially if there is a high volume of debris in the gutter. Also, you risk damaging your gutters by hanging the buckets on them.

Once the large debris is out of the gutters, use the trowel to dig out what remains. Be careful when cleaning clogged gutters and scooping out dirt that you don’t scratch the gutter base. Also be weary of critters that might be hiding in your gutters.

Lastly, use a hose to wash the dirt along the gutter and down the drainpipe. There is a tool designed for cleaning clogged gutters that attaches to the end of the hose and has an extension and a curved end, so that you can wash out the gutter without being on the ladder. During this process, If you find that the water isn’t draining down the pipe properly, you may need to insert the hose up the pipe to loosen up any blockages. If this still isn’t working, have a look down the drain pipe, a remove any blockages with your spade.

Cleaning gutters can be time consuming, so once you have them cleaned, do yourself a favor and install gutter guards to prevent leaves and other debris from filling your guttering system quickly. While an initial cost is involved, it will save you significant time and effort in the future.

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