You probably wouldn’t come across many people who would say they don’t love a beautiful country home. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on the verandah and enjoying the sunlight and the fresh air. So, when you’ve got one of those beautiful homes, you’ll want to look after it. A part of that will involves ensuring your gutters remain clear from leaves and debris falling from the surrounding trees. One of the best ways to ensure your country home gutters are looked after is by installing a gutter leaf guard. Gutter leaf guards are a great way to protect your home from damage.

Why consider getting a gutter leaf guard?

The gutter leaf guard system is very simple and extremely effective. The Leaf Man gutter guards cover the gutters right out to the outer lip which stops any falling leaves or debris from entering the gutters and they will simply slide down off the roof. A country home surrounded by trees is safe and the only thing allowed through the gutters is the rainwater. This water runs through the tiny holes in the gutter leaf guard system.

With a gutter leaf guard installed, your home is protected from any potential damage which will allow the inner structure of the building to remain strong. With gutter guards and a safe strong structure you can relax knowing that you will not need to be spending large amounts of money on repairs to fix damage that the gutter leaf guard system has prevented.

gutter leaf guard

gutter leaf guard

Having these gutter leaf guard systems are also a great way to help protect your home in case of a bushfire. You might think that your home is far enough away from the trees to not get damaged however, it only takes a small gust of wind to blow embers onto your roof and into the gutters where dry leaves may have assembled. From there it is only seconds before the leaves are alight and before you know it, your home could be on fire. Installing a gutter leaf guard system will help to prevent any fire from occurring when the ember falls on your roof as there will not be any dead or dry leaves to light on fire.

Having a gutter leaf guard will help you to feel completely at ease when you are away from your home because you know the gutter guards are doing their job without you needing to worry about a thing.

If you’d like to know more about the gutter leaf guard systems available from The Leaf Man Australia, contact us today!