There is no better feeling on Earth than knowing that your family is safe all the time. However, achieving this is not always a piece-of-cake. For starters, you can always begin by building a safe haven for your loved ones – a home that is free safe from destructive fire and water. To do this, you can start by installing a protective roofing component called the leaf guard, but make sure you are getting the best leaf guards for your home by following these simple rules.

best leaf guards

best leaf guards


When selecting the best leaf guards, choose one that offers optimum protection from fire

If you reside in Australia, you know very well the risks of bush fire during the summer. The dry and windy months of the year increase the probability of fires especially for people within the bushfire-prone zone.  Fortunately, you can now mark off the ‘bush fire’ entry from your ‘Greatest Fears List’. When searching for the best gutter guard,  find the one that has proven track record and that has been duly certified by CSIRO with Zero Flammability. Remember that if you do not keep your gutter from leaves or flying ember brought about by forest fires or bush fires,  chances are you exposing your home to greater risk for fires.

Choose the best leaf guards that provides maximum protection from water

Another enemy to watch out for is the water that stay stagnant on your gutter. Due to open-top gutters, leaves may easily accumulate and impede the flow of rain water. When this happens, mildew and mold start to form. The presence of other fungi may spread immediately and will literally take your home part after part, piece after piece. Insects, particularly mosquitos, are known for breeding very quickly on stagnant water. The mere presence of these disease-carrying insects lurking somewhere on your roof is a potential danger to your family members. Do not take any chances. Have the gutter mesh installed right away and start saving your money from being spent on a whole lot of renovation and reconstruction.

Look for the leaf guard that can shield your gutter from snow

If you have to live in areas where the client can be harsh, you know the hassle of dealing with clogged pipes due to freezing. This is where gutter protection comes handy. Water seepage is quite dangerous as it can cause slipping and accidents in out of the house. Snow is fun, but declogging your roof leader and gutter is not. The best cover for your open-top gutter is the one that gives optimum protection in any given season.

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