clean gutters

Ensure Clean Tank Water


Clean Gutters help you keep cleaner water in your water tanks.

As Autumn is here – so too are the falling leaves from deciduous trees and the winds that can create debris havoc in your gutters!

It is the perfect time to think about the water that you harvest into your water tank.

What do you use your tank water for? Is your tank water clean enough? How is your tank water filtered?

All these questions are important ones – and the answers found simply by installing gutter guard to your gutters.

The importance of The Leaf Man Gutter Guard for keeping your tank water clean:

  • Provides more filtration. The Leaf Man Gutter Guard provides immediate filtration at the gutter level – keeping clean gutters and preventing leaves form entering your tank. More filtration means cleaner tank water
  • Maximises water harvesting potential  – a clogged gutter restricts water flow and therefore the amount of water that flows into your tank
  • Prolongs the life of the tank’s water pump. The cleaner the water is that enters the tank the less silt the pump has to draw from. Pumps also lose efficiency with dirty tank water.
  • Takes pressure off your first flush diverter – This keeps fine silt out of your tank. Flush diverters need to be clear of twigs and leaves to work efficiently
  • Bush fire embers ignite in leaf filled gutters – at bushfire time you need all the water you can get

NB Although these advantages are for harvesting rainwater for your tanks, leaf free and efficient roof plumbing is essential on all buildings.