FAQ Page

What about the valleys in my roof? Does the product work there too?

Yes, we can fit our Gutter Guard to the valleys on your roof.

Can I get my Gutter Guard in Colorbond® colours?

Yes, all Colorbond® colours are available.

I’ve been told Aluminium is better than Steel

Aluminum and Steel are both metals. However Aluminum is softer than steel. Think of a soft drink can – Aluminum and think of a Steel fence. There is a vast difference. In Australia’s sometimes violent weather, we at The Leaf Man have made the decision to use Steel as we believe it is more suitable against our climatic conditions. Aluminum still rusts – this is called “white rust”. And yes steel will rust but that is why we use a thick .55mm steel grade and why we powdercoat 360 degree for protection.

Is your product available anywhere in Australia?

Yes, we deliver The Leaf Man Gutter Guard to any part of Australia.

Do you install anywhere in Australia?

We install in Sydney, Melbourne, and select other locations in regional NSW and Victoria. Instructions are provided for DIY or tradesperson installations beyond these areas.

Do you supply only?

Yes. ‘Supply Only’ is available for those interested in installing it themselves. Many builders and roofing companies do this. Instructions are provided on delivery.

Is it easy to DIY?

Installation is best done by our expert installers who are trained in all the safety and technical aspects of installing our Gutter Guard, so this is our recommendation if you live in an area where our installers are available. However, clear, illustrated instructions are provided for tradespeople and DIY homeowners who are willing to carefully follow our guidelines. We do not take responsibility for faults that occur due to sub-standard DIY installation.

Your Gutter Guard is made from Steel – won’t it rust?

The Zincalume used in the Leaf Man Gutter Guard is powder-coated with a 360 degrees spraying process, so no metal at all is exposed to the eye or to the elements. This prevents rusting.

Why Zinculume® not Colorbond®?

Zinculume steel is the base product of what is known as Colorbond® steel.

Colorbond® is a process whereby Zinculume® steel in bonded by a colour on one side of the steel only. Hence the name Colorbond®.

Colorbond® steel is thereby a superior steel used in many applications in the building & construction business in Australia and beyond. However, we don’t believe it is suitable for a gutter guard.

There are 2 main reasons for this

1. Gutter guards are generally perforated or expanded as you need holes in the material for water to penetrate.. Perforated metals lose the metal that the dye punches out to form holes. Hence its weight & strength decreases.

With expanded steel, no steel is lost at all & the overall strength of expanded steel increases. The Leaf Man uses expanded steel and actually expands the coils in our factory in Sydney. So no matter what type of holes (or apertures) you have, be they expanded or perforated, raw steel is exposed.

2. The 2nd reason Colorbond® steel either expanded or perforated we believe is not suitable for gutter guard is due to this ‘colorbonding’ on one side only.

So not only are the holes exposed to the elements but also the underside of the ‘uncolorbonded’ product. This underside also alludes its natural silver colour so that on a roof, you will very often see this silver shining out.

The Zincalume used in the Leaf Man Gutter Guard, however, is first expanded and THEN powder coated with a 360 degrees spraying process, so no metal at all is exposed to the eye or to the elements.

Just as a footnote, you may find some products claim to be “Colorbond”. It may be a good idea to check whether they are referring to the material, or only the colour.