Findings of a Gutter Guard Online Research

Choosing the right gutter guard can be quite difficult. This is because the internet is full of all kinds of information concerning the ideal gutter protection for a homeowner and his or her home. A homeowner may not know whether the information is correct or not. Give the numerous different types of gutter information found on the market, it is important for home owners to understand the merits an demerits of each. Below are findings of a gutter guard online research that will provide homeowners with knowledge for determining the ideal gutter protection system.


gutter guard online

Gutter guards are advertised online as having the ability to protect gutters from getting clogged with leaves and debris, thus saving the homeowner from a seemingly unpleasant household task. These guards are divided into two categories: gutter screens and gutter covers. Screens are made using wire mesh, foam or nylon. While they are cheaper and easier to install, usually they do not last long. On the other hand, gutter covers are fitted on top of the gutters, meaning that appearance is something that a homeowner should consider. Also,since they cover gutters, they limit the amount of water flowing into the gutters. Covers can be made from various materials such as copper, plastic, aluminum, nylon, foam, and wire mesh.

There are five main types of gutter guards. Mesh guards are metal sheets having tiny holes that are attached to the roof’s shingles to cover the gutter. Reverse curve guards direct the water flow downwards while directing leaves and other debris to fall downwards. Bottle brush guards are made of bristles facing upwards in the gutters. Leaves and debris rests on top of the bristles while the water flows away. Nylon gutters work quite well during the winter as they have a unique design that prevents snow from accumulating and freezing. Foam gutter guards are actually made of plastic fitting directly into the gutter in a way that they block debris from getting into the gutter.

For homeowners who wish to spend less time cleaning gutters, gutter guards are something they should invest in. However, the homeowner should not expect the guards will be maintenance free. Some debris will inevitably accumulate on top of the guards. All in all, cleaning the debris off the top should be much quicker and easier than digging into clogged gutters in order to remove handfuls of leaves, twigs and seeds. With that said, certain gutter guard systems are more difficult to clean as soon as they get clogged. This highlights the importance of a homeowner choosing a gutter guard system wisely.

In some instances, the chosen gutter guard system may cost more than the fees for several years’ worth of professional gutter cleaning and if this is the wrong gutter guard for your home you may find you’re wasting your money. Make sure you do your research finding a gutter guard online and get the right one for you! Contact The Leaf Man today to find out more!