How To Fix A Leaking Gutter

How To Fix A Leaking Gutter

A Leaking Gutter will cause more problems for your home than just a flooded garden. While it’s almost guaranteed that at some stage in your roof’s lifetime you will have a problem with a Leaking Gutter system.

Don’t worry if you find you have a Leaking Gutter,very often with just a little know-how the problem can easily be solved.

How To Fix A Leaking Gutter

Funnily enough there is a good chance you will be able to fix a Leaking Gutter with the following checklist. This will save you calling in the professionals.

Tools Checklist:

  •     Wire brush
  •     Rust inhibitor
  •     Paint brush
  •     Suitable patching product
  •     Caulking gun
  •     Scissors
  •     Ladder

While these seem like strange items, we can explain, you can fix your Leaking Gutter with the following method.

Fixing Your Leaking Gutter

If you have a Leaking Gutter and have found the leak, first, Remove rust or flaking paint with a wire brush. If your gutter is metal first apply rust inhibitor and allow to dry. Cut a strip of self-adhesive aluminum tape larger than hole and press firmly into place. Although a simple process, if you are working with a small leak, this should make your gutter as good as new!

Alternatively you can purchase roof and gutter repair kits containing fiberglass matting and patching compound are available. If you are using one of these first use a wire brush to clean around the hole. Apply patching compound to damaged area. Cut fiberglass patch larger than hole and press onto compound and follow instructions supplied, as further applications may be necessary.

Fixing Cracks And joints

If your gutter is leaking through a crack or joint it is just as easy to fix as a clean hole. Make sure the area to be repaired is clean and dry then use a silicone roof and gutter sealant. Push sealant ahead of nozzle, applying in a continuous steady flow. Smooth with filling or putty knife.

Fixing Downpipes

Leaking downpipes are probably the mos difficult problem to fix but it can be done! If the downpipe has rusted through at some point between gutter and ground, cut out damaged section with a hacksaw and replace with a new piece.

If you need anymore information about how to fix simple problems with a Leaking Gutter contact us.


Written By Jordie Cox