Keep Your Gutter Clean

Keep Your Gutter Clean

Gutters are often neglected not because they’re of little consequence to homeowners, but because cleaning them up is a nasty job that few people are willing to do. Yet, people are unaware that letting go of their gutter’s maintenance leads to greater damage to their home’s foundation, exteriors, and roofing. Although gutter cleaning isn’t at the top of your To-Do list, make sure you do the job well by following our step-by-step guide. Even better, install screens for gutter protection. Soon, you’ll see these three good – no, greaaat – things happen to you when you keep the gutter clean.

#1: Install gutter guards to keep your gutter clean with little effort.

You’ll probably save more money when you invest in gutter guards for your home than when you retain a team of professional gutter cleaners on a regular basis. These aluminium mesh screens allow rainwater to pass through and leave the debris to slide off your roof. The screens also stop little critters, like mice and possums, from making a home in the gutter or under your roof. All these translate to fewer times you’ll need to have your gutters cleaned.

#2: You have clean, fresh water for your lawn and garden needs.

A clean gutter lets rainwater flow freely through it and down a pipe that leads to a reservoir, like a large drum or a catchment made of stone and bricks. If you have a landscaped lawn or a backyard garden to maintain, then you can cut down your energy bill by using the water in your reservoir to irrigate the turf and your plants. Moreover, people with farms to maintain will find this a great solution to watering their crops and feeding their animals with fresh drinking water while reducing costs.

#3: You keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.

It’s been estimated that 97 percent of ladder-related injuries each year involved homeowners and farmers. On average, thirty people in a hundred would suffer leg and foot fractures while ten of them would need hospitalisation. You wouldn’t want to be just another statistic, would you? There’s a good chance you won’t be meeting any accident while you’re cleaning your gutter so long as you follow ladder safety guidelines to the letter.

On one hand, installing gutter guards make it even safer and easier for you because there’s less maintenance work required to keep the gutter clean. Rainwater flows unimpeded down the pipes and no stagnant water remains for mosquitoes to breed in, for algae to grow, or for heavy ice blocks to form during winter. Removing dead leaves and twigs, dried acorns, and other combustible debris from the gutter also protects your home from fire damage. And so, you also keep your family secure while taking good care of your home.

Contact the team of guttering experts from The Leafman Australia for consultation on how you can have more good things happen to you when you keep the gutter clean with the best gutter guards.

Article by Heidi Cridland