Oh my goodness. October is here already. We’re coming to the end of another busy Home Show year. And the very last one is next weekend. It looks like that indeed the very best has been saved to last, and The Leaf Man Gutter Guards will be there.

Grand Designs Sydney is showing in Sydney at the convention centre at Darling Harbour from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th  of October.

The Melbourne Grand Design was a huge success with amazing top class exhibitors being viewed by record crowds.

We all know that Melbourne people love their homes but I believe the fervour isn’t lagging too far behind in Sydney.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guard exhibited at the Sydney Grand Design Exhibition last year ( I actually find it hard to call Grand Designs a Home Show as it something well, a little grander than that). Last year was amazing. The entrance takes your breath away. You really have to experience it. And it doesn’t disappoint as you proceed throughout the show.

Gutter Guards Home Show

The exhibitors at Grand Designs I think take that extra effort to present their companies at this show. And it’s pleasing to see that the visitors appreciate that.

This year at Grand Designs Sydney, you’ll find The Leaf Man Gutter Guard in the outdoor section on stand F37. A major reason why The Leaf Man exhibits so often at Home Shows & the like all year is that we believe it is really important for potential clients to be able to see and feel our product. There is a myriad of gutter protection products available on the market but, once people do ‘see and feel’ The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, the penny drops so to speak. The quality and expertise of our product shines and the choice is made then and there. It really does make choosing what gutter protection to use so much easier.

So, we look forward to meeting you next weekend at Grand Designs Sydney. Remember Friday 5th to Sunday 7th.

It will be a wonderful finale to very busy exhibiting year.