gutter and roof cleaning

Gutter and roof cleaning

Gutter and roof cleaning is a big job. Often the size of the task sees people leave it until it is almost unmanageable.

The trick with gutter and roof cleaning is prevention.

Once a year, spend day doing jobs that will prevent gutter and roof cleaning from becoming overwhelming.

This includes pruning trees that have grown over the roof line or above the gutters.

Gutter and roof cleaning doesn’t just need to be done so that leaves don’t get caught in the gutters and downpipes. When leaf debris falls onto the roof of your home it traps moisture. This moisture can be responsible for deteriorating the roofing material and buckling the under layer of your roof if left for years.

First, trim the trees that are growing against, or above your roof line. It may be worth it to just get rid of entire branches that lean towards your roof rather than simply trimming back the overhanging leaves. If there are quite a few branches that need to be lopped, cut a few branches from the other side of the tree to even out the weight.

After you have gotten rid of the branches, sweep the roof of leaf matter and debris. pay particular attention to the areas where the roof line meets as this is the most likely point for moist leaf matter to fall into the roofs underlay.

then, clean your gutters thoroughly and make sure all the downspouts aren’t blocked with debris.

Blocked gutters and downspouts cause water to overflow and fall straight to the ground below. This water sinks into the ground and can cause problems with your homes foundations.

it is amazing what damage a few leaves can do to your home if they are left unattended. to ensure you don’t have any future problems with your roof you may choose to have a professional come in annually to look after the gutter and roof cleaning. If this is the case, be sure they follow this procedure in the same order for the most professional results.