Australia is known to be one of the most driest and arid places on planet Earth. Situated just south of the equatorial belt, Australia is comprised mostly of barren desert land. Home to savage droughts, it is easy to see why water is a valuable commodity in Australia. It is interesting to note then that even though Australia is such a dehydrated land, Australians still consume the most water per capita than any other place on earth. This demand for a commodity that is so scarce has resulted in many people in Australia installing home rainwater tanks. These rainwater tanks are designed to store water that is collected from roofs and funneled through gutters which makes Sydney gutter cleaning a very important job. Without clean gutters, many owners of such tanks would be shocked to know that their gutters could be making them sick.

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Clean Gutters: Why Gutter Guards Are Needed For Rainwater Catchments

The problem with gutters is that they collect debris that can build up over time. This debris can cause blockages and clogs that can have devastating effects on rainwater tanks. Debris build-up in gutters can cause the rainwater to overflow out of the gutter and away from the tank rendering the tank almost useless. This overflow can end up seeping into roofs causing leaks and damage. Small debris can break down into miniature particles and actually flow into the tank. These particles can pool at the bottom of the tank creating a layer of a thick murky substance that can end up in your drinking water. Clogged gutters can also cause rainwater to stagnate in the gutter. This festered water can then seep into the rainwater tank contaminating the water supply.

A gutter guard is a thick steel mesh that sits on top of gutters acting as a type of filter. When a guard system is installed on gutters, debris such a leaves and twigs cannot become trapped and build up. The result is more water flowing freely into the rainwater tank. The water that enters the tank is free from any pollutants and contaminants. Gutter guards also ensure that gutters do not develop rust and mold. Rust and mold could form on gutters when the water flow is hindered by debris. This rust and mold could potentially find its way into the drinking supply.

Gutter Cleaning Sydney: The Benefits Of A Clean Rainwater Supply:

– A reliable water supply even in dry areas prone to drought

– Extra beneficial for people who live in a remote country area who may not have large water resources

– Can be used in areas that are under water restrictions

– Great for watering the lawn, cleaning decks, washing driveways, and even filling up swimming pools

– Provides clean drinking water all year round

– Great for cleaning. Rainwater is what is known as soft water. Soft water is great for cleaning as when soap is added to it, it lathers up much more efficiently than tap water. This is a result of rainwater containing less calcium and iron.

– Saves hundreds of dollars every year on water bills.

Living in Australia makes owning a rainwater tank a necessity to cope with the country’s unique climate. For those who own rainwater tanks, installing a mesh guard system on their gutters is essential to maintaining a healthy water supply in their catchments. So don’t let valuable rainwater go to waste sitting in your gutters Australia, get professionally installed gutter guards for your rainwater tank now.

gutter cleaning sydney

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