The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard

Introduction to the Leaf Man – Gutter Guard

Most of the Australian continent is semi-arid and the climate is regulated by high pressure in the subtropical
region. Due to this reason the climate of Australia is very hot and it experiences a very seasonal rainfall. Gutter Guards are very important part of
Australian homes as they protect your house from the threat of wild bushfire. Sometimes it is also called gutter mesh in some area but the basic characteristics remain the same.

gutter guard

gutter guard

How can The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard Protect Your Home?

Protection from Debris and Leaves
– Without the gutter guard, the house gutters will be obstructed by debris and tree leaves. After installing a gutter guard you do not need to further worryabout leaves and debris blocking the gutters.

Protections from Fire – Bush firescare a very common phenomenon in Australia and they occur mainly during the
summer season. On a dry and gusty summer day, the heat can spark fire in the bushes and therefore endangering the lives of many living in bushy areas. In 85
percent cases it has been discovered that the leaves gathered on gutter triggerbushfire after reaction with strong methane gas. The gutter guards manufactured

by the Leaf Man are not inflammable. This means that when the leaf man’s gutter guard would be used to restrict leaves and debris, the material of the gutter
guard would prevent any fire to spark.

Keep Away Birds and Other Pests –
Australia is home to some of the most beautiful birds of the world. But, several birds have a tendency to build nest in the gutters. There may be unwanted
problems arising due to this reason as the birds could damage house ceilings, electric wires, and even short circuit house. The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard will prevent and such activities by birds or other animals.

Protection of Roof Top – The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard can protect your house from heavy storms and rainfall. The gutter mesh would prevent water from overflowing into balcony or rooms and thus protect your roof, windows, walls, or ceilings.

Healthy Family – When leaves are stackedinto gutter for a long time they form moulds and bacteria. People having sensitive skin could get allergic and complicate health. The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard will prevent any such events from happening.

Improved Water Quality – The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard acts as natural filter for mud, leaves, debris and could therefore be very useful to people depending on accumulated reservoir water.

Why Select The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard?

The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard should be preferred over cheaper products because,

1. Long lasting and very effective

2. Solution for every type of gutter be it box-type, regular, or valley-type

3. Products are available in different colors

4. BCA (Building Code for Australia) compliant

5. Made from non-combustible material authorized by CSIRO

6. Very effective for Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)

7. Attractive roof tops are available in different styles

8. Customized products for commercial and residential use separately

Conclusion & Recommendations

The Leaf Man – Gutter Guard products come in different shapes, styles and colors. However, every product focuses on safety standards so that the gutter guard actually serves its purpose. The products of the Leaf Man are customized to individual needs and therefore the best solution to your gutter guard problems.