Gutter Guard Cost vs. the Value Added To Your Home

Tired of climbing up a ladder to scoop off foliage that assembles in and clog your gutters? It’s not a bad idea to clean your gutters regularly. This is because, besides allowing rain water to overflow, clogged gutters can bring more severe defects to your home. For instance, blocked gutters can result in flooded basements. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional gutter cleaning service, unclogging your gutters every season can be a very hectic and expensive job in the long run. Instead, why can’t you consider the gutter guard cost relative to its associated value? You need to invest in premium gutter guards and save yourself both money and time.

Wondering What Gutter Guards Are?

In simple terms, gutter guards are covers that are designed to act as a filter over your gutters. The aim of these filters is to block foliage, and other types of debris, from entering the gutters. The dirt would, otherwise, affect the gutter’s efficiency in drawing water off the roof. As indicated earlier, it’s a healthy practice to clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, gutter guards are a cure-all solution to the idea of cleaning your gutters regularly.

There are different types of gutter guards namely screens, inserts, and reverse curves. The type to go for will depend on different circumstances as well as the house location. For instance, some models are designed to effectively block out larger debris. Similarly, your house might be located in an area that is prone to smaller debris. You now, have to make up your mind, with respect to the gutter guard.

gutter guard cost

gutter guard cost


Gutter Guard Cost vs. their Worth

Gutter guard cost depends heavily on the length and type you need. The price is usually inclusive of installation fee. On the lower end, gutter guards cost from $6 per lineal foot whereas, on the higher end, they can cost as high as $10 per lineal foot. Having that in mind, how much does a professional gutter guard installation on an average home cost? Let’s assume that an average home is fitted with about 200 feet of gutter. I guess it’s easy to do the math. Note that the value you just got is an estimate of what you expect. More complex gutter guards and covers can even cost more.

Now that we have the figures, is the cost of gutter guards worth it? Yes it is! The figures may initially look like an unnecessarily big investment. However, just imagine the amount of money you spend annually on professional gutter cleaning services. If you do your math for the long run, is the figure even comparable to the gutter guard cost? Similarly, even if you are the do-it-yourself guy, gutter guards and covers can save you the effort and time you spend every time you clean your gutters.

In conclusion, I have a simple advice for those who invest in gutter guards. Even if you have the guards installed, some small particles are not easily filtered off. For instance, dust can build up into a big deposit in your gutters. It’s therefore recommended that you clean your gutters at least once every two years. Note; efficient cleaning of the gutters will require you to remove the guards and hoods. So, you need to search for the perfect gutter guards that are easy to remove and replace. Make your search now because the gutter guard cost is worth it.

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