Installing a gutter guard over the gutter of your roof is a good thing and has a lot of benefits. As long as it is done professionally it should be able to handle the job of filtering rain water and keeping leaves and other debris from clogging your gutter. At The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, you are guaranteed of the product and the professionalism when it comes to leaf guards for gutters. The type of gutter guard depends on things like the pitch of the roof and the type of gutter itself. The method of installation is what we are concerned about in this article. You can get your gutter guard direct from us at The Leaf Man.

Gutter Guard Direct

This is simply where the mesh or screen is put directly over the gutter. It can be secured on the gutter using screws that can later be removed when cleaning the gutter of smaller pieces of debris left in it, or be placed inside the gutter itself. The advantages of a gutter guard direct are;

It is secured against strong winds. Certain parts of Australia, especially in the dry arid areas, face a lot of strong winds during the year. Of course with strong winds, you expect a lot of leaves. So if your home is in such areas, you will have solved two issues with one solution; the leaves are kept away from the gutters and the guard stays secure on the gutter.

gutter guard direct

Gutter guard direct installation means no damage to the roof shingles. A lot of home owners fear that if they install a mesh over the gutter that stretches over the roof shingles and is secured on them, would mean punching holes on the roof shingles. In the process of solving the blockage problem, it may create another problem of leaking roofs. They have a valid point, and that is why it is good to have the job done professionally. Besides, if fitted directly it makes it easier when doing repair work. In other words, the gutter and roof shingles can be replaced or worked on separately.

There are some types of gutter guards that can be installed inside the gutter, without having to secure them on the gutter itself. They still perform the same function of filtering, and once they are clogged up, they can be removed and cleaned. This sounds like the same kind of hustle you would face, going up on the roof of your house and cleaning the gutter yourself. The reason why the direct guard works fine, in this case, is because it saves you the trouble of doing this dangerous task.

There are a number of designs you can find at The Leaf Man Gutter Guard. They are quite affordable and essential for every home owner in Australia. Made from Australian materials, and available in local suppliers Australia-wide, you can rest assured that these guys mean business and understand where you are coming from. The material used to make these guards is of the highest quality steel, which can withstand rust and other degrading hazards which means a longer lifespan.

Contact The Leaf Man Australia to find out more and to get your gutter guard direct from the experts.