If you’re looking at getting gutter guards for your family home, you probably have a great list of questions that you would like answered before making a final decision. We, at The Leaf Man Australia, have come up with a list of Gutter Guard FAQs (frequently asked questions) and have answered them to help you. Read more below.

Gutter Guard FAQs – Part One

What are gutter guards?

Keeping it simple, gutter guards are a gutter protection system designed to protect your gutters. They allow the rain water to run easily through your gutters while keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutter. They will also help to stop rats and other vermin from making a home in your gutter and roof.

Will we still need to clean our gutter guards?

It is important you continue to maintain your gutters however,Ā  the need to clean them is reduced significantly. You will want to check your gutter guards once a year to ensure they are working as they should.

Why do I need gutter guards?

The purpose of having gutter guards is so that the rain water flows easily from the roof, along the gutters and down the down pipes safely away from your home. Without gutter guards the gutter can become clogged and when the rainwater tries to run through it can either get stuck or will overflow out of the gutter and leak back under the eaves. This can then cause internal water damage to ceilings and walls costing a great deal of money to fix. If the water runs over the gutters it may also puddle by the foundation of the home causing further problems.

Will the gutter protection system keep everything out?

Leaf guard and gutter protection systems generally keep up to 95% of all leaves and debris out of your gutters, including pine needles. Whatever does manage to get through would have to be very small to fit through the holes in the gutter protection system. Therefore, this small amount of debris can easily be washed through the gutters with the rain water or cleaned out with a hose.

Gutter Guard FAQs

There’s a gutter guard for every roof style!

What colours are available?

The Leaf Man gutter guards are available in any ColorbondĀ® colour.

I have old gutters? Will gutter guards allow them to last longer?

No. It is important that before any gutter guards are installed you have new gutters or gutters that are not damaged. If you put gutter guards on damaged gutters, it will not save them. Old, rusty or damaged gutters should be replaced before installing gutter guards to save you money in the long run.

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