Here is part two of our Gutter Guard FAQs. Find more answered questions here: Gutter Guard FAQs – Part One

You may have decided that gutter guards are the right choice but if you have further questions, we hope to answer them here for you.

Gutter Guard FAQs – Part Two

How long will gutter guards take to install?

The time taken to install gutter guards will depend on your needs. Obviously a larger house with more guttering will require more gutter guards and more time. Our consultants are trained to identify specific and unique needs of each job and will provide you with a thorough and extensive assessment and quote on your gutters. The installers will then work efficiently and diligently to complete your job as quickly as possible.

Will your gutter guards fit on my roof?

Our gutter guards have been designed in Australia, using Australian steel and can fit on all different roof styles. If your roof is made from tiles or corrugated iron, flat or raised, we can fit gutter guards.

What are your gutter guards made from?

Our gutter guards are made from BlueScope Zinculume® Steel. To read more about this, follow this link: Our Product

What should I take into consideration when choosing a gutter guard company?

ReputationFind out how long the gutter company has been in business. The Leaf Man Australia is family owned and operated and has been within the family for more than 14 years. You can rest assured knowing that you have professionals on the job.

Roof, Gutter, Insulation & Ventaialation Knowledge – It’s important that your gutter guard installer knows about gutters and roofs to ensure they are going to install your gutter guards correctly. If they are aware of common roof problems, they will be able to assess your current situation before installing gutter guards.

Trained Installers – You are going to want to know that the people working on your roof and gutters are trained. At The Leaf Man Australia we ensure all our staff are trained and fully certified.

Workers Insurance – Something many people wont think about is whether the company and it’s workers are insured. Without this protection, you and/or your homeowner’s policy may be at risk.

If you have any further questions that we have not answered, feel free to contact The Leaf Man today.