Box gutters are commonly used in big buildings because of the big recess that characterizes them. When you have a big roof there is a possibility of getting a lot of debris and unwanted material clogging up the gutters hence preventing them from serving their purpose, which is essentially to guide rainwater from the roof down to the ground through the side spouts. It is for this reason that you need to have a gutter guard for box gutters.

gutter guard for box gutters

Getting A Gutter Guard for Box Gutters

In Australia, a country which obviously has a lot of commercial and industrial buildings, there is a need to have these guards that prevent blockages caused by debris from the roof when there is a heavy downpour. That is why The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, an Australian owned company, specializes in producing a gutter guard for box gutters that serves the purpose of preventing such occurrences.

Just like the name suggests, you need a guard that would last for a lifetime and not get damaged in the process. The secret to this is by the use of a special material that can withstand all kinds of weather condition. Furthermore, it needs to be unique so that it blends beautifully with the overall design of the building.

At the Leaf Man Gutter Guard, you can be assured that you will get the products you are looking for. The gutter guards are made of rust free Zincalume steel, which is an alloy of zinc and aluminum. A process known as expanding is then carried out on the steel to make it more durable. Every modern home developer knows what this material is capable of withstanding. To make it blend in perfectly with the building’s design, they are finally powder-coated on all sides using a 360 painting process in the desired color. It will remain virtually unnoticed and yet still perform the task of keeping the leaves out, and letting the water through.

The beauty of installing a gutter guard for box gutters is that you will never need to go up on the roof to clean the roof. Imagine how dangerous it would be to go up a roof of an industrial building. The thought of it in itself is scary.

The other advantage is the need to collect clean water which can be a cost-cutting measure for your business. The collected water can be useful in the production processes that need it, in the bathrooms used by you and your workers, and even in watering plants that beautify the premises. All this can be made possible only by the use of a simple thing as a gutter guard.

What if you already have a gutter and you would like a gutter guard? The good news is we have expert trades people who have years of experience in the business. In fact the whole staff, at The Leaf Man Gutter Guard, is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible solution to your gutter needs. If it will mean bringing the old gutter down, our estimators will give you a realistic estimate of installing a customized one. The bottom line is that this is a company that puts your company’s needs first, as far as gutter guards are concerned.

Contact us at The Leaf Man Australia to find out how our gutter guard for box gutters can help you.