Gutter Guard Information

Gutter Guard Information

Can you think of anything worse than a roof full of bird’s nests, rats and other vermin? A good Gutter Guard System doesn’t just protect your gutters from a build-leaves, but it deters small critters from making your gutters their home.

People like to know that their Gutter Guard System is going to protect their homes from leaf damage. Our gutter guard information will show you that a good Gutter Guard System does so much more.

Gutter guard information

For a Gutter Guard System to be effective it must flow from the pitch of your roof and protect it from sediment build up. If the system is set up properly, running downwards from the pitch of your roof, leaves will easily fall from the roof’s surface. This will also protect your gutters from a build up of sediment which could rust out your gutters.

If you are finding that sediment is still gathering in your gutters there is a good chance your system wasn’t installed properly. When installing a new Gutter Guard System, pick one that has a fast flow rate and a curved base, this will help in pushing out stubborn sediment.

What if my roof is flat?

Gutter Guards can still be installed on a flat roof but they will require extra attention. The sediment and leaf build up will not blow away as easily so you will regularly need to climb up onto your roof and clean it yourself. While this is a big job, if it isn’t done regularly, water and debris will build up on your roof causing it to leak.

Which one do I choose?

There are  hundreds of different types of Gutter Guards but most follow a very simple design. Be careful when ordering your Gutter Guard System that the materials are strong and built to last. Contact us for queries on our gutter guard systems. We’ll find the best one for your home with a promising guarantee.

What is the cost?

The type of system chosen obviously plays a big part in price as does the type of roof and height of the gutters. Sometimes choosing a more expensive system will be more beneficial as it promises to last longer. Call us for a quote.

Will putting gutter guards on my old gutters make them last longer?

No. If your guttering system needs to be replaced, a gutter guard system will not fix any problems, instead, the gutter guard system will be ineffective.

While Gutter Guards make cleaning your gutters a less tedious chore, it’s still important to look after your roof. For more information on home maintenance or Gutter Guard systems, why not read some more of our helpful blogs.