gutter guard installation

Gutter Guard Installation



Area: This applies to the environment in which you live. In some environments you might not get a choice of which gutter guard you install. For example, if you live in a bush fire prone area then you MUST install aluminum gutter guards.

If your area isn’t bound to this council rule then you have the choice between HDPE plastic or aluminum gutter guard instillation.

Both of these systems effectively do exactly the same thing, however, the metal version is stronger and will better withstand flames.

Budget: gutter guard installation isn’t a costly process in the long run when you think about what it could potentially protect your home from in the long run.

While the aluminium system is more expensive than the plastic system, the life expectancy of the metal system is much longer because it can better withstand the elements.

Performance: Before aesthetics, the most important role of any material used in The Leaf Man’s gutter guard system is performance. The longevity of the material will dictate how each system would work under the weathering conditions.

While the leaf man advises that a metal system will better whther on your roofline, a plastic system will do the same thing and still look great!

The Leaf man is confident that we offer a proven and tester gutter guard system with the promise of a great functioning lifetime.

In order for your gutter guard installation to work effectively you will need to make sure that the system is going to fit properly on your roof.

How does the gutter guard installation work?

Before the gutter guard is installed you will need to measure the lengths of all gutters and valleys that you want protected. Make sure you allow for a little extra for over runs on the gutters & valleys.

The width of the mesh needed is determined by different types of roof and areas of protection subject to the guide below:

Tile Roofs:
Gutters- 500mm width mesh
Valley- 1000mm width mesh

Metal Roofs:
Gutters & Valleys: 250mm width mesh

The Leaf Man will ensure, prior to gutter guard installation, that the guards match the colour of your roof.

The colour of the mesh & clips will match the colour of the roof while the colour of the trim will match the colour of the existing gutter.

Tiled Roofs only require hex head screws & trims for fastening of the mesh to the gutter. The other end of the mesh is tucked under the second row of tiles, which will keep it weighed down.

Corrugated Roofs us hex head screws, saddles and trims. For every meter of mesh you will need 7 saddles of gutters as the saddles are fastened over every second corrugation. For valley protection you will require 24 saddles per meter.

Trimdeck Roofs Require hex head screws as well as special Trimdeck profiled clips and trims. You will need six saddles for every meter of gutter.