If you own a home, you know exactly how important having gutter guards are. When it rains our gutters keep the rain from damaging the walls in and around our home. It also protects the landscape and concrete from water damage. However, when a gutter becomes clogged with leaves and other particles, it is difficult for your gutters to function properly. This is where gutter guards can help.

gutter guard mesh

gutter guard mesh

What Is Gutter Guard Mesh Protection?

Gutter guards are basically covers that protect your home and surrounding areas from water damage. There are many different types of gutter guards, but they all work to provide the same protection for your gutters. Choosing the right one for your home will depend on the type of protection you want for your gutters and your budget.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Gutter guard mesh is one of the most commonly used, because they have smaller holes providing the ultimate protection from roof sand grit that might come off of your shingles, and make it’s way into your gutters. There are a variety of mesh gutter guards to consider, and brands. The prices will vary depending on the brand and specific design that you choose.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

There are other types of gutter guards, and one of them is the reverse curve. The reverse curve reminds you of nose, because of it’s curve like shape. When the rain starts to come down, it goes through the curve into the gutter. However, because of the wide openings, sometime the leaves can make their way into your gutters anyway. These guards can be made with a variety of materials.

Brush Gutter Guards

Another type of gutter guard is the brush gutter guard which puts you on the mind of a pipe cleaner. It is created with plastic, and you often have to take it out and shake it off. The fibers are inserted into the gutter to prevent the larger particles from getting into your gutter and clogging it up. The key to getting the best brush gutter guard is to choose a brand name that you can trust.

Screen Gutter Guards

The screen gutter guards are easy to set up, because they are placed over the gutter and held in place with clips. These guards are often purchased the most, because they are cost effective. They can be made of aluminum, steel or plastic. However, plastic with round holes are the most affordable. They can also the most easily found.

Tape On Gutter Guard Mesh

This type of gutter guard is basically adhesive tape with double sides, and sticks on the front side of the upper flap of the gutter. These gutter guards are highly effective, and can be found on many homes. They have a powerful ability to hold even during the most extreme weather. It is also easy to remove. You simply cut the tape into two pieces when you want to remove it from your gutters.

With all the different types of gutter guard mesh protective systems available, it’s important you choose the best! Here at The Leaf Man Australia, we have spent time in researching the best products and materials to use in our gutter guards which is why we are certain you will be satisfied with our product. If you would like further information on the gutter guard mesh protective system we have to offer, contact us today on 1300 888 743 or visit us online.