gutter guard protection information

Gutter Guard Protection Information: This gutter needs a thorough cleaning. Installing a leaf guard prevents future blockage of rainwater that needs to flow freely down the pipes. Photo by Eric Schmuttenmaer via Flickr under Creative Commons.

“Get your head out of the gutter!”

If you haven’t heard this phrase at least once in your life, then you must be hiding under a rock. The gutter has been vilified oftentimes as one of the dirtiest places a person’s thoughts could go and maybe second only to the toilet. But, it’s not surprising because gutters and downpipes often end up clogged or blocked with accumulated debris, like dried leaves, pieces of dead twigs, and sometimes a carcass or two of dead birds and mice. The following gutter guard protection information should help you decide which type or design satisfies your needs as a homeowner.

The best way to avoid this problem and stop rainwater from overflowing your pipes and gutters is to install gutter guard protection, such as leaf guards for downpipes. Leaf guards are no more than aluminium screens that allow gutter cleaners to scrape away the debris easily and block them from entering the pipes that lead to the drainage. Meanwhile, the variety of gutter guards available in the market mostly protects your walls from weakening because of moisture seepage and your roof from being ripped off by strong winds during a raging storm.

Choosing the right gutter guard depends on several factors. One reason is the architectural style of your home’s exteriors. Some houses use pale bricks for the walls. Gutter guards with a classic Roman design should fit well with the exterior architecture. The purpose of considering the gutter guard’s appearance is to hide them from sight and not ruin the house’s total look as intended by the architect.

In addition to the gutter’s design, homeowners should also consider the type of material it’s made of, which include aluminium, copper, or nylon mesh. Of course, plastic and nylon last longer because they’re not vulnerable to rust as much as steel or iron. In comparison, aluminium and copper offer greater durability than plastic and nylon as well as a modern stylishness in appearance. Any of these options offer better protection than rust-heavy metal grating.

Based on this gutter guard protection information, what type of leaf guard or downpipe mesh screens do you need? Contact us now for expert advice and quick quotes on replacing or cleaning out your gutters.

Article by Heidi Cridland